The 9 Best Disneyland Snacks That You Have To Try

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There is so much to love about Disney! I know that I am not alone in loving the snacks that can be found at Disney parks. Not only do they taste amazing, they are almost always pictured worthy. When I was younger I always wanted a churro before I left the park, and I liked getting it from the cart close to Sleeping Beauty Castle. During the time that I worked at The Disneyland Resort, I met a lot of people who had a favorite snack that they got on every visit. It was a hard list to make since there are so many great options to chose from.

1. Dole Whip

best disneyland snacksIs there a better snack to start the list with than a dole whip? A dole whip is pineapple soft serve ice cream. I love to get a dole whip float which is soft serve on top of pineapple juice. As long as you like pineapple you’ll enjoy this treat. It is perfect for cooling off on a hot Southern California day. The only downside is that the line is normally long due to its popularity. You can get a dole whip from the stand located next to the Enchanted Tiki Room & the entrance to Adventureland inside Disneyland Park.

2. Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches

disneyland snacks

 Mickey shaped ice cream sandwiches always hit the spot. It is a fabulous sweet treat that is too cute. You can find these tasty sandwiches at ice cream carts throughout both parks.

3. Beignets

disneyland beignetsHow adorable are these Mickey shaped beignets? Normally, the beignets have powdered sugar on them but this particular picture was taken during the holiday season. During Halloween time you can order pumpkin beignets and during Christmas time you can get candy cane beignets. Neither of those beat the regular beignets. They are fluffy and tasty! You can find beignets at the Mint Julep Bar or at Cafe Orleans both of which are located in New Orleans Square inside Disneyland Park.

4. Lobster Nachos

I heard a lot about the lobster nachos from my co workers while I was working at The Disneyland Resort. It was not until last year that I finally tried them. The nachos as great as they look. It is a good size for sharing and it is something unique. You can find the lobster nachos at the Cove Bar which is located at the end of Ariels Grotto on Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure Park.

5. Mickey Cookies

mickey mouse cookieWhen it comes to cookies at Disneyland the Mickey head sugar cookie is my first choice. However, recently the sugar cookies have not been available when I’ve gone. This chocolate cookie pictured above is surprisingly not too chocolatey. I love chocolate but thought that this cookie might be too rich.  It was not too rich and tasted good. Plus, how cute is it?! I got this cookie from Starbucks inside of Disney California Adventure Park.

6. Mickey Chocolate Mousse

disney desserts

This is a treat that is very delicious but also very rich. It is too much for me to eat on my own so if I get this I happily share it with someone. The chocolate mousse is amazing and the crust adds to the taste.  You can find this tasty treat at the Jolly Holiday Bakery located at the end of Main Street U.S.A. inside of Disneyland Park. I highly recommend getting a milk or a water to enjoy this with.

7. Starbucks Coffee

The best reason to get a Starbucks drink for a snack is the cute cups that the drinks come in. Plus, if you use the Starbucks app you can pay with it in the parks. You can find Starbucks inside Fiddler, Fife & Practical Cafe inside Disney California Adventure Park. Starbucks is inside the Market House on Main Street, U.S.A. inside Disneyland Park.

8. Num Num Cookie

jack jack cookie

In Pixar Pier you can get a Jack Jack cookie from The Incredibles also called a num num. This cookie is one of the best that I have ever had. Considering it is a $6 cookie it better be! The chocolate chips are perfectly melted making it even better.

sprinkles cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes opened up a location in Downtown Disney. This is my favorite cupcake company. The black and white is my year round favorite but the chocolate peppermint that comes out during the holiday season is the best one! If you join their rewards program you can get a free one on your first visit.