Cauldron Ice Cream Glendale Offers Rose Shaped Deliciousness

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Cauldron ice cream Glendale is one of the new instagram hot spots in the Los Angeles area. Not only is the ice cream incredibly tasty but they use dry ice to help shape it to look like a rose. And of course, I can’t forget to mention the photo-worthy wall. cauldron ice cream glendale
Cauldron ice cream is located near the Alex Theatre, Americana at Brand and the Museum of Selfies. You can find street parking as well as parking in a few different structures. Most of the structures offer free parking for ninety minutes.

One of the new trends in ice cream cones is bubble waffles. These are quite different than a traditional waffle cone. They are much closer to the type of waffle you eat for breakfast. Bubble waffles are light & soft. They go so perfectly with ice cream.

\The menu at Cauldron ice cream isn’t too big but they offer a good variety of flavors. I got the s’mores ice cream which was chocolate ice cream with marshmallow & graham crackers. This is similar to the Dolly Llama in downtown Los Angeles though each of these places offers different variations on the treats. However, only Cauldron does the rose shaped designs.