Sprinkles Cupcakes A Celebrity Favorite That Is Worth Visiting

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Have you heard of Sprinkles Cupcakes? Sprinkles has quickly become the In-N-Out burger of dessert spots in LA. What do I mean by that? Well, In-N-Out is a cult favorite among locals & celebrities when it comes to burgers and Sprinkles has become the equivalent with dessert. What makes Sprinkles so great? The cupcakes taste fantastic but you can also eat them in unique ways. You can get a cupcake ice cream sandwich or a cupcake ice cream sundae. And they have several fun flavors to choose from.
sprinkles cupcakes california
Sprinkles has several locations in the LA area including some of my favorite spots like The Grove, Americana at Brand, and Beverly Hills. Downtown Disney even has a location now. Each location is a little different. The Sprinkles at The Grove doesn’t have the ice cream or cookie options so if that is something you’re looking for Americana at Brand is a better option.

sprinkles cupcakes atm
Something else that makes Sprinkles Cupcakes stand out is that several locations now have a 24-hour cupcake atm. That’s right an atm that holds cupcakes!

sprinkles cupcakes
Which cupcakes are the best? My top two favorites are Chocolate Peppermint which is only available at Christmas time and Black & White. Though I’ve never had a bad cupcake out of all of the ones that I have tried. If you’re going to be near a Sprinkles around your birthday be sure to sign up for the Sprinkles Perks program so that you can get a free cupcake. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon & Mario Lopez have been vocal about their love for Sprinkles and they aren’t the only ones who are big fans. Don’t go to Sprinkles assuming that you’ll see some stars but hey, you never know it could happen! I also recommend following Sprinkles on twitter. They often post about buy one get one free cupcake deals.