Take A Break From The Busy City at Echo Lake Park Los Angeles

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Finding a relaxing park in downtown may sound like more of a dream than a reality. However, Echo Lake Park Los Angeles might make you temporarily forget where you are. My cousin and I decided to check it out on our adventures in LA day while she was out here and we loved this beautiful place. My only regret is that I did not take more pictures so I guess that means I will just have to go back! There are paddle boats, gondolas, a playground, benches to sit and relax, a path you could walk, run or roller blade on. And of course, I cannot forget the people who come selling jewelry and various types of snacks.

echo lake park los angeles

Finding parking can be a challenge as always in Los Angeles but there is a lot of street parking so if you keep looking you should be able to luck out. I found street parking with no meters which are always a plus and for those of you who need to stay connected to the internet but don’t want to waste your data you can score free wifi by selecting oh ranger!

Echo Lake Park has made some appearances in movies like Chinatown and could serve as the backdrop for some family photos if you are looking at taking some in a park. If you live in Los Angeles and have a dog this seems to be a great place to bring them. Not only does this park offer a beautiful place to relax it also offers some wonderful views of Los Angeles. Typically to get a pretty skyline view of the city means you have to be far enough away that the buildings look tiny but here you can get a great picture.

echo lake park

We decided to stop here after visiting The Last Bookstore which is really close and after stopping by the park for some relaxation we headed over to the Grove for dinner and a movie. Unless you live in Los Angeles making a trip to downtown just for the park would not necessarily be worth it. There are lots of different reasons for you to make a trip to the city and then include visiting the park on your itinerary. Have you been wanting to visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall? Guess what just like The Last Bookstore it is a short distance from the park. Los Angeles always has something going on worth checking out so I would encourage you to make the most of your trip.