The Donut Hole Drive Thru in La Puente Is A Donut Lovers Dream

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Donuts have been a beloved breakfast treat for a long time. Of course, donuts are not exclusive to breakfast but for many these tasty treats are a wonderful way to start your day. I found out about the Donut Hole drive-thru in La Puente, California last year on National Donut Day. Right away I knew I wanted to come here. What makes this place so unique? You can drive thru the hole of a fake donut. It is truly unlike any other donut shop I have ever seen.

the donut hole in la puente
You have the option of going through the drive-thru or you can park and walk up to order. The donuts are tasty and reasonably priced. Even adults get excited about driving thru the donut hole so I can only imagine how thrilled children would be to come here. There is a donut here for everyone. You can get traditional donuts, a cronut, one with bacon on top, and more! The variety of donuts is wonderful.

The only downside? It is pretty far from anywhere that I ever go. My Mom and I were driving from Orange County to Universal Studios Hollywood and decided to stop by the Donut Hole in La Puente to check it out. While we enjoyed it and had a good time it was out of our way. If I ever find myself in this part of town I’ll be sure to come back but there are other donut shops that are closer which are just as good. Sure, they don’t have a donut hole drive-thru but that’s okay.

Even if you walk up you will have to eat the donuts in your car if you’d like to sit down. Of course, you can stand on the sidewalk and eat them but there are no tables.

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