This In N Out Museum is a Must See For California Foodies

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In-N-Out burger is a beloved fast food chain that started out in Baldwin Park, California. Why is it beloved? The taste, the prices, and the quality. My Dad is such a big fan of In N Out that it is the first place he likes to visit when he comes out to the West Coast. Recently, I learned about the In N Out museum which is a replica of the original location. This hidden gem is bound to be a hit with both California foodies and Instagrammers alike.

original in n out replica

As I stated above the original In N Out location was in Baldwin Park, California. The original location was torn down and relocated years ago. In honor of the place where the beloved burger chain got its start an In N Out replica was built as a way for fans to learn more about the history of the company. The replica is not in the same place as the original In N Out. However, it is built to look just like the original and will truly make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The most expensive thing on the menu at the replica is a cheeseburger for .30ยข. My how times have changed.

The original In N Out replica is located at 13766 Francisquito Avenue in Baldwin Park. The hours of operation are Thursday through Sunday 11am-2pm. If you come at any other time you will find a closed gate.

There are several parking spots in the lot which makes visiting a breeze. There isn’t too much to see here but you can step inside and speak with a worker. The inside is tiny and the worker explained to us that six people would work at one time.

It was really interesting to hear her speak about the mission of the company. She shared with us how important quality is to In N out. My Grandpa was loving every second of our conversation with her. He is already looking forward to returning with my Dad and Uncle when they come to visit.

Once you’re finished taking pictures and learning about the history you can drive down the street to have lunch at a working In N Out. In the same parking lot, you will find the In N Out University where the training for employees takes place. There is also an In N Out company store where you can find fun merchandise.

Want to visit sometime in the future? You can save the image below on Pinterest as a reminder.

in n out museum

In N Out is on my list of places where you can dine like a celebrity in LA on a budget.