Top Twitter Accounts to Follow If You Live In Los Angeles

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Twitter is my favorite social media site because of how quick it is. It is my go-to spot to find out about fun events happening and to connect with celebrities & companies. I will be sharing the top Twitter accounts to follow if you live in the Los Angeles area.


Love to travel? AirFareWatchDog is a great account that shares affordable airfare rates. They don’t focus on flights only out of LA but several of the flights they tweet about is from the LA area. This is how I have found cheap flights to Honolulu.


Fooji is a company who gives away free products to help companies promote upcoming movies & tv shows. In the last month, I got a free Mark Ruffalo signed Thor Ragnarok poster and a free Battle of the Sexes stuffed pig. Other giveaway items have included free food, coffee mugs, and more! They mainly focus on people living in LA or New York.



will & grace tickets

1iota is a wonderful source for tickets to tv show tapings & movie premiers in Los Angeles. If you would like to attend a taping of a show like Will & Grace this is the account for you to follow. They normally tweet about their new events.


Looking to find out about fun events in Los Angeles? We Like LA always has fantastic lists of things happening during the week and the weekend.