Paramount Ranch Filming Location For Westworld

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I am so sad to inform you that as of 11/9/2018 Paramount Ranch has been burned down due to the recent wildfire.

I love going on adventures. Recently, my friend Bruno and I took a drive up to see the Paramount Ranch filming location for Westworld. The ranch has been used for other movies and tv shows as well, but Westworld is what is currently filming at this location. Where is the Paramount Studio Ranch? It is located at 2903 Cornell Rd in Agoura Hills. The western set is a National Park that is free to visit and includes free parking. You can visit anytime from 8am to sunset.

paramount ranch westworld

You’re probably wondering if I said that correctly. Yes, you visit this place for free. It is a great place to come for a photo shoot or on a date. The Paramount Ranch hiking trails are popular among the visitors. There are several different hiking trails to choose from. It was extremely hot the day that I visited so I did not go hiking but in the future I’d love to go on the trail that takes you to a small waterfall. If you’d like to explore the trails without hiking you can pay to go on a horseback riding tour. The guide who passed Bruno and I was explaining a lot of the filming history. From what I saw on the sign it looked like a ride would cost around $30.

Besides Westworld what else has filmed here? The Lakehouse, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, American Sniper, and Scream are a few of movies and tv shows that have used Paramount Ranch for filming. When you walk around you are walking in the footsteps of famous stars like The Duke himself, John Wayne, and Bob Hope.

paramount studio ranch

The western set that you see in my pictures was built in the 1950’s. Most of the buildings are empty on the inside but you are not able to go inside and walk around. However, a very kind security guard offered to let Bruno and I go into the jail and take pictures.

paramount ranch filming

There are around 10 buildings in the western town and a church with a graveyard. Bruno and I spent around 90 minutes taking photos, walking around, and eating a picnic. If you include hiking you’ll want to allow for more time but you could easily explore the town in less than twenty minutes if you’re in a rush. The ranch is sort of in the middle of nowhere though so unless it is on the way to where you’re going I would only recommend coming if you think you’d really enjoy it since it is a bit of a drive to get here.

church from westworld

A lot of people like to stop here on their way to Malibu. You could stop here in the morning and continue on to the beach for lunch. I highly recommend Malibu Farm for a meal on the pier.

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