Where to Find The Matthew’s House from Boy Meets World

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Did you grow up watching Boy Meets World? I did! I was really excited when Girl Meets World was made so that I could relive the nostaglia of this great show. My friends and I attended a taping of the show and were lucky enough to meet Cory & Topanga. One of my friends told me he could show me the house from the show and I was so excited.house from boy meets world
Without my friend knowing where to take me I would have been clueless when it came to finding the house. You cannot see the whole house from the street as there are bushes providing a barrier between the home and the street. I was able to walk up to the gate to get a picture. Luckily the family wasn’t spending time in the yard. I would have felt invasive in that case. I didn’t linger long. Just long enough to get the picture.

Where can you find the house from Boy Meets World? Not in Philadelphia like the show wants you to believe. It is located in Studio City near CBS Radford Studios. The address for the house is 4196 Colfax Avenue in Studio City.