The summer heat has made its way to sunny southern California.┬áIt can be a challenge to find ways to cool off when you are at an outdoor theme park. However, it is so important to make sure that you and your family and friends don’t get sick due to the heat. To help you have the coolest day possible I am going to share 7 ways to cool off at Disneyland.

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Go On Grizzly River Run and Splash Mountain

Okay, so you probably could have come up with this one on your own. Going on a water ride on a hot day isn’t a new idea. However, did you know that the quickest way to enjoy these rides on a hot day is by going in the single rider line? My recommendation is to get a Fastpass for one of these two attractions and go in the single rider line at least once before you use your pass. That way you can cool off more than once. The single rider entrance for Splash Mountain is up to the exit. For Grizzly River Run ask for the single rider pass at the entrance to the attraction.

Watch Frozen Live at the Hyperion

Did you know that the Frozen show takes place inside an air-conditioned theatre? The show lasts for close to an hour. Not only is this a great way to escape the heat but it is also a chance to rest your feet from all of the walking. I recommend catching a show during the hottest part of the day.

Get The Blue Milk From Stars Wars Land

blue milk star wars land

This drink will keep you refreshed.

Ask For a Cup of Ice Water From Quick Service Dining Locations

Did you know that you can get free cups of water from quick-service locations? A quick-service dining location is an eatery that doesn’t off sit down service with a server. This is different from a popcorn or ice cream cart though. The refreshment corner on Main Street, U.S.A., or Flo’s V8 Cafe in Carsland are two examples of a quick-service restaurant. Once you run out of the water you can keep the cup to use at the water fountains throughout the parks. Of course, you can always bring your own bottled water too.

Watch World of Color

Normally, the temperature cools down enough at night that most people wear a jacket. However, with how hot it has been during the day it is only cooling down to the ’80s at night. World of Color is a nighttime spectacular with dancing fountains. The audience gets wet, not soaked, during the show. On a warm night, the mist from the water is very welcome. Be sure to get a Fastpass for the show so that you can be closer to the water.

Have Some Ice Cream

The hardest part about this one is choosing where to get the ice cream from. If you are interested in soft-serve ice cream I recommend the Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company in Disney California Adventure Park. Another great choice is to get a pineapple soft serve float with pineapple juice from the Dole Whip bar in Disneyland Park. You can find ice cream cones and sundaes at Ghiradelli’s and Clarabelle’s in Disney California Adventure Park. For cones and sundaes at Disneyland Park head to the Gibson Girl or the Golden Horseshoe. Throughout both parks, you will find ice cream carts with popsicles, premium Mickey bars, and ice cream sandwiches.

Explore the Animation Building

The Animation building has the Animation Academy, Anna & Elsa, the Sorcerer’s Workshop, and Turtle Talk with Crush. At the Animation Academy, you can learn how to draw a Disney character. You can meet Anna & Elsa from Frozen. Inside the Sorcerer’s Workshop, you can visit the Beast’s Library and find out what character you are and learn how to make Disney drawings come to life. At Turtle Talk with Crush, you can talk to Crush from Finding Nemo. My favorite thing to do here is to sit in the lobby and watch the clips from various Disney movies.

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