Please note that this pop up has closed. Have you ever wished you could be a mermaid for the day? Well, if you are in the Los Angeles area you can have the chance to live your best mermaid life this weekend. Popsugar and Freeform have joined forces to create a pop-up mermaid museum in Hollywood. Free tickets were made available a few weeks ago and while all tickets have been claimed they do offer a standby line.

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The address for the Mermaid Museum 1541 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. You will enter the museum in Selma. When my friend Bruno and I arrived there was no line. All we had to do was give the name that we order the tickets with and we were let inside. Later when my friend Taylor arrived there was a line so she had to wait a little bit before getting in. If you do the standby line you will most likely have to wait for a good amount of time but I definitely recommend coming down and trying to get in!

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mermaid museumWhen you first step inside you are immediately drawn into the experience. The decor on the walls starts giving you the impression that you are going into the water. When we entered the first area we were greeted by workers who welcomed us to Bristol Cove, the city where the tv show Sirens will take place in. This room had some cool things to look at like a mermaid hand that was 150 years old. The only downside to this part of the experience is that we had to move on to the actual exhibit before we got to take photos in the first room. Be sure to grab a postcard or two in this room while you can.mermaid museum in hollywoodThere are such fantastic photo spots in the pop-up museum. When you first enter there is a mermaid mural that you can get your picture by. You can also write a message to the sea if you’d like as well. The first photo experience my friends and I did was swimming with a mermaid. You get in a blue box and try to pose as if you’re swimming. You then rotate the photo after taking it to help add to the illusion that you are swimming. Of course, if I was really in the ocean I wouldn’t be wearing jeans and shoes but you get the idea. There are workers at each photo spot to help you with your photos.
mermaid museum in los angelesThere is a window tank where you can watch a mermaid swim. We found the mermaid extremely creepy and due to the reflections on the glass I had a hard time getting a good picture so I just moved on to more photo spots.

The longest line was for the bubble room. Only four people can go in at a time but if there is less than four in your group that’s fine. It’s one group at a time inside. This is the only one of the photo experiences where a professional camera makes a gif for you. The annoying thing is that you have a rough 45 seconds but it doesn’t record a 45-second video and you don’t get to pick which one of your moments is turned into a gif. So it was disappointing that some of the fun stuff we did wasn’t captured at all. We ended up getting back in line and just decided to take our own photos and videos.

My favorite spot is the clamshell bed. The pearl helps make great boomerangs by the way for the Instagrammers.
siren tv show
When you check-in you will be given a ticket. Before you leave be sure to turn your ticket in so that you can get a Siren water bottle. You can choose between blue or silver. The bottles can keep hot drinks warm for 12 hours and cold drinks cool for 24 hours.

I was able to find free parking after 6 pm near Wilcox and Delongpre behind the Staples store on Sunset. If you’re in the Los Angeles area I definitely recommend checking this out over the weekend.

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