Hamilton has taken Broadway by storm and is now making its way to big cities across America like Los Angeles. From August through December you can have a chance to get the $10 Hamilton tickets Pantages Theatre. There are 40 tickets for every performance which will be available through a ticket lottery. Some of you, like myself, may already have tickets.

If you’d like to see it again or would like to surprise your family or friends when they visit you the lottery is a great chance to do so. I had a great time getting the $20 lottery tickets for Rent in Nashville. Especially, since I got to sit in the front row.

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COVID 19 might have delayed Hamilton’s performances at The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. But, anyone can watch the show via Disney Plus! If you do not have Disney Plus yet, be sure to sign up for Swagbucks first which is a free rewards site. If you use their link to activate Disney Plus you’ll be rewarded with points that you can use for gift cards and/or Paypal Cash.

I know, $10 Hamilton tickets at the Pantages sounds too good to be true. And yes, there are so many people living in Los Angeles that the odds of getting picked for one of the forty tickets are slim. However, I always stand by the fact that you have to enter to have a chance to win. They have to pick someone and that might as well be you. So, if you’re feeling lucky here’s what you need to do to enter the Hamilton ticket lottery.

The lottery starts two days before the date you would like to attend. At around 11 am the day before the performance you will either get an email saying you can purchase the $10 Hamilton tickets or you will get an email letting you know that you did not win. If you do win you have until 4 pm the day before the performance to purchase your tickets or you forfeit your lottery win.

hamilton tickets at the pantages

Helpful tips:

  • You can only purchase 2 tickets if you win the lottery.
  • Duplicate entries will be ignored.
  • The seats may only offer a partial view. That could mean that a pole or something would be in your view. Though for $10 to see the most popular show can you really complain?
  • Your seat may be split from the person you go with.

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