Currently, the infinity room exhibit The Broad is open and earlier this week I checked it out with some friends. The Broad is a museum in downtown Los Angeles which has quickly become a favorite among locals. One of the biggest highlights of The Broad is the infinity mirror room which you can see in the picture below. You can get complimentary tickets to visit the museum. However, there are separate paid tickets for the new infinity room exhibit which includes four other rooms.

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infinity room exhibit the broad

The Infinity Room Exhibit at The Broad

The paid ticket for the infinity room exhibit does not include access to the other areas of the museum. However, you can arrive early and wait in the standby line to try and get inside. There is also a standby line for the infinity room exhibit. You can check in with the employees near the entrance to make sure you get in the correct line.

When I first visited The Broad in 2016 there was only one infinity mirror room. While tickets to The Broad are free, it cost $12 to see the infinity room. Luckily, I got a press pass and did not have to pay. $12 is a lot to pay for a room that you don’t get to stay in for longer than one minute. For now, that infinity room can only be seen as part of the infinity room exhibit. 90,000 tickets went on sale in September for this exhibit and it sold out within a few hours. The tickets are $25 each.

broad museum

The tickets are timed and late entrance is not permitted to make sure to arrive early. You can find street parking if you’re lucky but parking is available across the street at the Walt Disney Concert Hall for $9. Due to how small the rooms in the exhibit are large parties will have to split up. I went with a group of six and we had to split into 4 and 2. However, you can change up who you go to the rooms with so that’s nice.

The second infinity room is pictured above with the polka dot balls. Unfortunately, the lighting is so dark that it is hard to get good pictures but it is really cool to see in person. I didn’t take any pictures in the third infinity room because it made me feel uncomfortable. While we were waiting in line for the infinity room with floating lanterns, which reminded me of Tangled, there was a mirror box with a beautiful light display inside which you can see below.

the broad museum los angeles

The biggest downside to this exhibit is that you only get around 30 seconds in each infinity room. It is not nearly long enough for the floating lanterns room. This was my favorite part of the exhibit.

The last room of the exhibit is not an infinity room. It is a white room with stickers everywhere. When your group enters you will be handed a small sheet of stickers so that you too can add one to the space.

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infinity room exhibit at the broad

The best part of this room was that all six of us got to go in at the same time. Unlike the other rooms in the exhibit, this room can hold about 15 people at a time. It can get crowded quickly though. The other great thing about this room is that there is no set time limit.

the broad museum

Would I recommend the Infinity Room Exhibit?

Honestly? No. I had a great time with my friends but we have a great time regardless of where we are. $25 is a lot of money for how small and quick the experience is. Especially since you are given less than a minute inside each of the rooms in the exhibit.

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