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Small Foot Yeti Village is the newest pop up to promote an upcoming movie for Warner Bros. They have previously had fan pop up experiences for movies like It and Ready Player One. One of the best things about these pop-ups is that they are free! However, because they are free tickets normally book out pretty quickly. If you’re interested in finding out about fun events like this in the future be sure to join the LA Dreaming Facebook group.

small foot yeti
Tickets are given out for specific dates and times. There is a waiver that needs to be signed which you can either do online or in person. This is a two-story pop up. You are given twenty minutes to explore each level though that was not a problem for my friend and I. We had the first time slot of the day so it was relatively empty when we were inside. Plus, unless you have young children with you there isn’t too much to do for longer than 20-30 minutes total.small foot yeti village
On the top level, there are three different photo spots with employees who can take your photo. You can swing in a snowy scene, stand in the yeti’s hands, and dance in falling snow. You can choose to either take the stairs to the bottom level or the slide.

small foot yeti movie
On the bottom level, there is a small arcade, a ball pit, a coloring spot as well as a karaoke room. You can play skeeball and two other games in the arcade. The karaoke room is small and cannot hold more than 10-15 people but if someone picks a good song I can imagine it would be a fun spot. There are a little coloring spot and a gift shop. I was able to find street parking on Yucca and only had to walk a short distance.

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