Last week I went to the premiere for Big Bear movie at the London Hotel in West Hollywood. The movie was written and directed by Joey Kern who also stars in Big Bear. I saw a contest on twitter to win tickets to the premiere so I entered because I saw that Adam Brody from The OC was in it. Somehow I ended up winning the contest and was given a chance to attend the premiere with a plus one.

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This was the most intimate premiere that I have ever been to. Other than my friend and I, everyone else at the event knew someone in the cast and/or crew. Following the movie, there was a q&a with Joey, Adam, and a few other members of the cast & crew. It was such a fascinating event to attend as someone who is trying to work in the entertainment industry.

This was a project that Joey created based off of something that had happened in his real life. Joey and Adam were at fellow cast member Tyler Labine’s house when they started talking about doing the movie together. It was inspiring to hear how it all came about.

What Is Big Bear Movie About?

adam brody

The story takes place in Big Bear, California. However, this movie isn’t about the location. Joe is going to Big Bear to meet three of his friends to celebrate his bachelor party. When his friends find out that his fiancĂ© has dumped him the weekend takes a completely different turn. This is a guy’s movie but still a movie that girls can enjoy as well. I was laughing a lot while I watched it. I would give the movie 4 out of 5 stars. You can find Big Bear movie on Amazon.

After the q&a I had a chance to meet Adam. He is just as charismatic in person as he is on screen. The OC is my all-time favorite tv show so it was incredible for me to get to meet Adam who played one of my favorite characters, Seth Cohen. My friend and I got to attend the after-party which was a great opportunity for networking. This is a reminder to always enter contests because someone has to win and that someone might as well be you! If you want to find out about events like this in the future click here for more information.


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