Movie fans can be incredibly easy to shop for. As a big movie fan myself people know that a gift card to the theatre or a DVD is always going to be a big hit with me. If you’re tired of getting the movie fan in your life the same gift every year this shopping guide has been created with you in mind. Here are some blockbuster gifts for movie fans.

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gifts for movie fans

1. A Tour of a Movie Studio
Did you know that you tour studios like Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros? If you would like to gift someone with two tours for the price of one you can give them a Go Los Angeles pass. The card will give them access to both the Sony & Warner Bros tour. These tours give fans a chance to get up close and personal with filming locations and behind the scenes look at the industry. You can get a Go Los Angeles pass here.

2. Popcorn Maker

A lot of movie fans enjoy having popcorn when they watch a movie. Easy to use popcorn makers are a great gift. If they have one. Maybe some fun popcorn seasonings would be a great choice.

3. Ticket Stub Diary
I got my Dad a ticket stub diary a couple years ago for Christmas and last year he already needed a second one. For people who love to hold on to their tickets, this is a great gift.

4. Master Class

If you know someone who would love to learn from industry experts like Martin Scorsese, Aaron Sorkin or Helen Mirren Master Class is a great gift for them. Classes are normally $90 but for now, you can pay $180 for a year of unlimited classes.

5. Tickets to a Film Festival

turner classic movie film festivalThere are a lot of great Film Festivals that you can surprise a movie-loving fan with. One of my favorite Film Festivals is the Turner Classic Movie Festival. AFI Fest is a lot of fun too. Fans of television too? There is always PaleyFest in the spring.

6. Cook Book

Does your movie lover enjoy cooking? There are several different fun movie-themed cookbooks like Movie Dinners, TCM Movie Night Menu and Eat What You Watch.

7. A Membership to a Movie Club

Two of the movie clubs that I would recommend are Disney’s D23 and TCM Backlot. Each one provides fans with exclusive access to special events and a fun community. If they are a really big Disney fan you might also want to consider getting them a ticket to the D23 convention in August of 2019.

8. Movie Trivia Games

Almost every movie fan that I have ever met loves playing games where they can showcase their knowledge.

9. I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes T-Shirt

This cute t-shirt speaks for itself.

10. Clapper Pillow

You can customize this really cute Clapper Pillow to represent a special time in someone’s life. The example is the birth of a child but you could also celebrate a wedding date or just a special day in general. It is a really fun pillow.

11. Autobiographies

Almost every big name in the movies has written an autobiography. You can find bestsellers by people like Reese Witherspoon, Dick Van Dyke, and Drew Barrymore. The Family Scrapbook put together by the children from the Sound of Music is a really special gift for fans.

12. Movie Reel Wine Rack

A movie reel wine rack is perfect for those who like to unwind while they watch a classic.

13. The Grandfather T-Shirt

Don’t tell him but I’m planning to get my Dad the Grandfather t-shirt for Christmas this year. It is such a fun gift!


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