As some of you know, I love a good pop up experience. I make an effort to check out as many pop up experiences as I can and when I review them I try to be as honest as possible with you. When I first heard that there was a Good Burger pop up in Los Angeles I was thrilled. Good Burger is a movie that I love to watch! The day that tickets went live I made sure to get them in case it sold out like most pop up experiences in LA do.

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Please note that Good Burger has been replaced by a Breaking Bad pop up.

good burger pop up

The Good Burger Pop Up is located in the same spot as Saved By The Max. You will find it at 7100 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046. The pop ups are run by the same people but unfortunately, the experiences are not the same. When I visited Saved By The Max I felt like I was stepping on the set of the tv show I grew up watching. It was an immersive experience that truly felt worth the money. Pop ups are rarely cheap so I do have high expectations to match the price tag.

good burger

The interior of the pop up did not make me feel like I was stepping into the real Good Burger. It felt like an average restaurant that had some cheap-looking Good Burger photo props. You are given 90 minutes to eat and enjoy the area. Honestly, unless it’s crowded I don’t even think you’ll need an hour. All the photo spots should take less than 10 minutes. They do have a mini arcade area but beyond that eating is what will take the longest.

good burger pop up in los angeles

What does your $38 (that is the ticket price including fees) include? You can have a Good Burger, a Beyond Good Burger (made with beyond meat), a chicken sandwich, or chicken nuggets. The choices for sides are pickles, fries, onion rings or a good salad. My favorite part of the meal was the Good Burger. It was very tasty! The fries were average at best and honestly, disappointing. A friend of mine said she had the onion rings which were okay. The ticket says you get a complimentary commemorative gift item. First off, my friend didn’t even get that but honestly, she wasn’t missing out. The free gift is a paper hat that doesn’t even say Good Burger. If you want one with the logo that will be $5.

Just like with Saved By The Max drinks or desserts cost extra. Unlike the Max, though Good Burger does not have their prices listed and the person you place your order with is not your server. I assumed a milkshake would be $5-$7. And when I wasn’t told a price after ordering one I still assumed it was affordable. When my milkshake came to my table I saw the price. $14 for a small cup and it was the worst milkshake I’ve ever tasted in my life. A friend of mine who went separately told me she got a soda for $3 that did not include a refill. If you want anything extra just ask for the price upfront so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t forget to bring cash to tip your server even if you don’t order anything extra.

good burger pop up reviewApparently, you can have food from Good Burger delivered via Postmates but the food isn’t that good for me to recommend that.

There is a lot of metered and street parking nearby. Since this is a ticketed experience if you would like to go I recommend buying your tickets in advance as they may not be able to accommodate if you try walking in. I am so disappointed to say that all in all the experience felt very cheap compared to what we paid. It was also quite empty when I was there but they could not let me in 30 mins early. So I killed time next door at the Formosa which I think is more worth your time and money. I’m hoping maybe things will improve at this pop up over time. But for now, I remain one disappointed fan.

If this was a free pop up I still wouldn’t be raving about the experience but especially with the price tag, I have to be honest with you all. It could still be worth it for you to go but please don’t have too high of hopes.

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