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bubble world los angeles
Guide to LA

Bubble World Los Angeles

I love when a good pop up experience in Los Angeles. Bubble World: An Immersive Experience is the newest one to come to the Los Angeles area. Bubble World was a big hit in Europe and has finally come to the States! At this time tickets are available for now through August. This is a …

the golden girls kitchen
Guide to LA

The Golden Girls Kitchen Pop Up Experience

Picture it, Beverly Hills 2022. The Golden Girls Kitchen is a pop-up experience taking place now through October. Your ticket includes one entrée and one slice of cheesecake. The time slots are for a 90-minute experience. Pricing varies depending on the date and time that you choose. Seating is assigned upon arrival. You will either …

disney pop up exhibit

That’s From Disneyland a Pop Up Exhibit

There is a pop-up exhibit in Sherman Oaks called That’s From Disneyland. This is a free and family-friendly exhibit that Disney fans will enjoy seeing. You will find ride vehicles like the beloved skyway buckets and even the vehicles used for the short-term attraction rocket rods. Old park signs and other memorabilia decorate the space. The …

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