pixar hotel anaheim

Pixar Place Hotel Disneyland Resort

In 2024 Paradise Pier Hotel was renovated to become the Pixar Place Hotel Disneyland Resort. I have only stayed at the hotel when it was the Paradise Pier Hotel but I did visit the hotel within a few days of the grand opening in order to be able to share updated information with you. Please …

porter ranch apartment
Guide to LA

A Guide for Moving to Los Angeles

A Guide for Moving to Los Angeles Moving in general can be overwhelming but moving to one of the biggest cities in the world? It can feel like an overwhelming experience. Before we dive into the big topic of moving to Los Angeles I want to congratulate you for making this decision. There are people …

4th of July Hollywood Bowl
Guide to LA

4th of July Events in Los Angeles

The Ultimate Guide to 2024 4th of July Events in Los Angeles The amount of 4th of July Events in Los Angeles is overwhelming. But, the good news is that there is bound to be an event that will be the right choice for you with this many options. These 4th of July celebrations in …

painted stairs of silver lake
Guide to LA

The Painted Stairs in Silver Lake

I love street art and murals in Los Angeles. One of the most unique ways to see this in the city is by visiting painted stairs. By visiting the painted stairs in Silver Lake you can get a workout, if you choose to walk to all of them, and take some great photos. Each set …

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