The Foodie Space is one of the most clever pop ups that I have visited. This pop up experience is devoted to all the foodies out there. Just be sure that you don’t bring any food with you. They got annoyed that I tried bringing in a Starbucks drink. Keeping reading to find out how to get The Foodie Space discounted tickets and which photo spots are my favorites.

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foodie space

Quite a few of the photo spots have props that you can play with. They will let you know when you enter which ones you should refrain from touching. I love the picture of me tossing the pretzel up in the air.

Where Is The Foodie Space Located

3525 W Carson St, #173 Torrance, CA 90503 located in the outdoor part of the mall near Outback. This was my first visit to this mall and I absolutely loved it. I could not believe how big it was.

Favorite Foodie Photo Spots

the foodie space discounted tickets

How cute is the Fries Before Guys display?

the foodie space

The Breakfast Club spot made me excited because I loved the nod to the movie.

foodie space torrance

I love a good pun so this place continuously made me smile.

foodie space pop up

This is one of the few pop ups that I have been to that had employees that were able to help us a lot with photos.

the foodie space del amo mall

I recommend doing some Instagram research before you go so that way you can have some fun poses in mind.

Please note that I did not share photos of all the photo ops. Just some of my favorites.

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