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the museum of illusions

Located on Hollywood Boulevard is a new must-visit for Instagrammers. It’s not a museum though as the name suggests. This pop up is an interactive photo experience that will have you doing fun poses for the gram.

What is the address for the Museum of Illusions?

6751 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. I parked in the underground structure at the Hollywood & Highland shopping center. It can be up to $15 to park there depending on how long you stay but that is still cheaper than the $20 parking lots that are closer.

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What to Know Before You Go

♥ Plan your outfit accordingly. A lot of people jump around and get down on the ground for pictures. So a dress or skirt might not be the best option. I recommend bright colors that will pop on camera.

♥ Make sure to clear space on your phone if you’re running low on storage. By the time I left, there were over 500 photos from my visit on my phone. Now granted I was taking pictures for more than just myself and some of those pictures were bursts to capture me jumping but still plan for a good amount of pictures.

♥ Try and visit during the morning or early afternoon on a weekday to avoid the crowds. We went at 1:00pm on a Thursday and almost had the place to ourselves which allowed us to get all the photos we wanted.

♥ I recommend giving yourself plenty of time. The website suggests an hour of time but we spent about two and a half hours there.

♥ You have to backtrack to get to the exit so if one installation has a long line it is very easy to come back to it.

♥ Keep an eye out for the arrows on the ground that show you where the photographer should stand. The majority of the installations also have photos on the side with an example of how to pose.

The first photo op is a pair of angel wings. Angel wings can be found all throughout the city of Los Angeles. You can find more wings in the complete guide to the Colette Miller angel wings in LA.

instagram museum hollywood

One of the coolest photo spots at the Museum of Illusions is in the picture right above. It makes one person look tall and the other looks very small due to the forced perspective. Since my Mom and I are both short we really enjoyed this one.

The burger and ketchup photo works really well with jumping but my favorite is the one above. Next to this one is a Chinese food box with an octopus but it wasn’t one of my favorite photo spots so I didn’t include it.

This photo spot is a fun nod to one of Hollywood’s most memorable stars Marilyn Monroe.
museum illusions tickets

Titanic is my favorite movie so I was in heaven when I saw the headboard in the water. Of course, this photo proves that two people could have fit! Next to the Titanic photo spot is one to make it look like you’re painting.

the hollywood museum of illusions

How often can you fake punch Trump? They even have the boxing gloves to help you get into the spirit. This is a great spot for a boomerang.

museum of illusions murals

I would be such a happy girl if M&M’s were truly that big in real life.

This photo needs to be cropped to helpfully give the illusion of you hanging off a cliff.

Every Southern California photo op should include the water.

hollywood museums

Upstairs there are more photo ops as well. This is your chance to aim a tomato at someone you’d like to hit. Well, not really but you get the idea.

This spot had cups that you could pick up so of course, we had to do a cheers picture.

The bubble was one of my favorite spots because it was so bright and colorful.

instagram museum los angeles
This water spot also has the fishman from the 2018 Best Picture winner Shape of Water. I have a separate picture with him but I loved this one more.

museum of illusions los angeles
Some of the most fun spots were the ones with props. I love that this one had an umbrella.

If only this was an actual chance to get some refreshing coke.

This seemed like the best spot for a Mother/Daughter photo.

This and the bubble would be the photo spots that tie for my second favorites after the Titanic photo spot.

There are two spots where you’re trying to avoid the lava on the ground. None of my jumping and/or running ones turned out too great but I love the one above. There are about 5-6 photo spots I left out so that this post wouldn’t be too incredibly long. However, if you’re interested in checking it out I hope this post helps. There are around 30 photo spots in total so definitely a fun thing to check out.

Would I recommend the Museum of Illusions?

Yes, as long as you truly enjoy taking pictures and having your picture taken. It is pricey considering that you are only going to take pictures so for me it was a one-time experience.

If you like taking photos you might want to check out my post on the top murals to see in LA.

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