Your Essential Guide To Los Angeles Pop Up Events

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Los Angeles has been home to several different pop up events every single year. In fact, these days it seems like there is a new pop up event to check out almost once a week. This past weekend I checked out the Grey’s Anatomy Gallery Exhibit pop up as well as a 911 pop up. Both of these pop up events were created to promote these shows as they make their way to your tv screens. Some pop up events will last for only a few days while others like Saved By The Max will stay for over a year. Here I have your essential guide to Los Angeles pop up events to help you have some extra fun!

Los Angeles pop up events

First things first. What is the best way to find out about all of the pop up events happening in Los Angeles? Join my LA Dreaming Facebook group. I share information about the pop up exhibits in the group so that way you can always be in the know. Plus, I’ll always share links for free tickets or discounted tickets as I find them.

What Is A Pop Up?

A pop up event can be anything the creators imagine. For the most part in Los Angeles, the pop up events tend to be related to movies & tv shows or Instagram hot spots. In some cases, the pop ups are more like an Instagram museum while others are eateries. The main thing they have in common? They are all temporary.

Current Los Angeles Pop Up Events

Halloween House

Halloween House is a Freeform sponsored experience based off of Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas. You will find free tickets to the event in my Facebook group here. As of now, it will only be open 10/4-10/9.

museum illusions tickets

Museum of Illusions

Located at: 6751 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Museum of Illusions is a pop up photo experience located in Hollywood. The museum uses angles and illusions to create some unforgettable photos. Be sure to allow at least an hour for your experience. I recommend going during the day if you can so that you’ll have fewer people around which makes for easier photos. For a full recap of my experience, you can check out my blog post on the Museum of Illusions here.

Interested in discounted tickets? You can get Museum of Illusion Tickets via Goldstar for $23.50.

the museum of selfies

Museum of Selfies

This pop up has come back after a short time away. The museum is interactive and full of a ton of photo spots. You can get discounted tickets through Goldstar. Read more about my experience here. The origial location was in Glendale. Now it is located at 6757 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90028.

the max from saved by the bell

Saved By The Max

Located at 7100 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046.

Saved By The Max started out in Chicago and made their way to Los Angeles this past summer. Tickets for the restaurant went on sale in the spring and sold out very quickly. A few reservations have opened up along the way so if you have been unable to visit please do not lose hope. This is a recreation of The Max from the hit tv series Saved By The Bell. You will see a small the Bayside lockers, The Max and Mr. Belding’s office. You can read more about my experience at Saved By The Max here.

star wars drinks

Scum & Villainy Cantina

Located at 6377 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90028.

This pop up has been open for over a year now and has shown no signs of closing anytime soon. The bar is a tribute to the Mos Eisley cantina from Star Wars A New Hope. This is one of the least underwhelming pop up experiences in Los Angeles but for Star Wars fans it is fun. You can read more about my experience at the Scum & Villainy Cantina here.

Upcoming Los Angeles Pop Up Events

29Rooms tickets

29Rooms is making a second visit to Los Angeles later in 2018. Last year the pop up event took place in Downtown Los Angeles for two weeks in December. Tickets for this event sold out within an hour so be sure to keep an eye out for when tickets go on sale. This experience is great for those who love taking pictures and having their pictures taken. You can read more about my experience with 29Rooms here.

Cheat Day Land

For now, Cheat Day is only open from October 1st through the 31st. You can get discounted tickets via Goldstar here. From the look of their website, it seems like Cheat Day has a whole lot of donut themed photo ops.

The Pizza Experience

The Pizza Experience brings the entire world of this tasty treat to Pasadena for an immersive multi-sensory experience. With selfie stations, catwalks, giant installations, videos, an oversized cheese pool and a pizza hall of fame, you’ll be surrounded at every angle by this delicious, delectable triangle. And yes, you will get a slice of pizza at the end of the experience, as well as a taste of other pizza-flavored snacks throughout the exhibit. You can find discounted tickets here.

Past Los Angeles Pop Up Events

grey's anatomy pop up exhibit

Grey’s Anatomy Gallery Exhibit

This pop up event was only open for three days to celebrate the season 15 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. It was primarily an exhibit of fan art. You can read more about my experience at the Grey’s pop up here.

we are happy place

Happy Place

This pop up left Los Angeles after a very strong run and has traveled around to other cities like Chicago. Happy Place has been one of my favorite pop ups. Various parts of the exhibit included snacks and it was all really well done. You can read about my experience with Happy Place here.

Mermaid Museum

The Mermaid Museum was hosted by Popsugar & Freeform to celebrate the premiere of a new series called Siren about Mermaids. The exhibit included really fun photo spots and everyone got a nice water bottle to leave with. You can read more about the Mermaid Museum here.

museum selfie day

The Museum of Selfies

This really fun photo experience was open for a limited time this past spring. Each of the photo experiences were very unique and colorful. I am really sad that this experience did not last longer. You can read more about my experience at the Museum of Selfies here.

small foot yeti village

Small Foot Yeti Village

The Small Foot Yeti Village marks the third pop up experience at Warner Bros has hosted within the last year to promote one of their movies. They also had pop up experiences for IT and Ready Player One. You can read more about my experience at the Small Foot Yeti Village here.

disney pop up exhibit

That’s From Disneyland

This was a collection of Disneyland memrobilla that one man spent years gathering. He finally reached a point where he decided to sell his collection. First though he opened up this pop up experience so that fans could come and enjoy his items. I loved getting to sit in a sky way bucket again. To read more about my experience at That’s From Disneyland click here.