Please note that this post is about the 72 hour Bevery Hills Peach Pit Pop Up. It has now been announced there will be a six week version. I am not sure yet if it will be in the same location. I do know is not going to stay free. You will need to purchase tickets. I’ll get you more information as soon as I can. 

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Tickets range from $20-$25 depending on whether or not you sit indoors or outdoors. You will have 40 mins to eat and get your photos.

As many of you know pop ups are really hot in LA right now. Almost every week there is a new one to check out. Some are here for several months and unfortunately, some of the best only stay for a weekend. Currently, fans of Beverly Hills 90210 can visit the Peach Pit in West Hollywood. The pop up is located at 7507 Melrose Ave for 8/1-8/3. Entry is free but all reservations are sold out. However, you can wait in the standby line.

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Peach Pit
On 8/1 the Peach Pit After Dark was the kick-off event for the pop-up. Do you remember when they started the nightclub on the show? It’s just like that. You’ll find cocktails on the menu for the evening. Peach Pit After Dark runs from 7:30 pm-11 pm. If you plan to do standby for this I would start lining up at 5 pm. It is going to be popular.

Peach Pit pop up

Lunch is offered from 12-5 on 8/2 and 11-5 on 8/3. You can order a small burger or grilled cheese which comes with fries. Other menu items include a peach cobbler pie, mini cheesecake, milkshakes, and Pepsi products. All free!! Plus, tell your server that you’d like to exchange an egg in order to receive a cute cookie.

Beverly Hills 90210 peach pit
Anyone with a reservation is welcome to stay for an hour. Standby guests who get in will have less time but still, it’s a free experience and super fun!! Very much worth the drive and standing in the sun. I arrived about 40 minutes before it opened. I waited for about 2 hours in total to get in.
good burger
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