I love when a good pop up experience in Los Angeles. Bubble World: An Immersive Experience is the newest one to come to the Los Angeles area. Bubble World was a big hit in Europe and has finally come to the States! At this time tickets are available for now through August. This is a fun and large pop up experience that is fun for the whole family. There are so many photo ops and installations for you to experience and interact with. A few of our favorites were the balloon room, the ball pit pool, the bubble room, and the light room. 

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Bubble World Los Angeles

bubble world

The pop up is located at 1345 N. Montebello Boulevard, Montebello, California. Parking is free. Dino’s Alive is also part of the same complex. 

Tickets for adults start at $26.90 and $20.90 for children. VIP Tickets include the VR experience, a bubble tea or coffee, and a surprise merchandise gift. Please note that ticket prices vary depending on the day and time that you select. You can purchase tickets from Fever here.

You’ll need to sign a waiver when you check-in. You will kick off your experience with a walk on a pink carpet and right away you see bubbles. As you go along your journey you’ll enter a room that reminded me of glow sticks. After that, you’ll walk into an infinity room with an amazing led floor that will really wow you.

bubble world los angeles

Moving to the next room you can step inside a balloon room that is so much fun but be mindful that balloons can be popping at any time. If you have a latex allergy or prefer not to go in this room they have it set up where you can easily move on to the next room.

After the balloon room, we discovered a dome with bubble projections. There are a few seats inside for you to enjoy the experience. During my visit, it was really hot in the dome so we didn’t stay inside too long but it was really cool. Moving along to the next room we found a gigantic pool filled with balls the color of bubbles. We had so much fun playing in the pool. You do have to take your shoes off in order to go into the bubble pool.

The next room had interactive bubble games that we enjoyed playing. Then it’s time for what they call the selfie room. There are 5 different photo ops in here that are all unique. The next room is what I will call the light room. It is a beautiful room and a really cool photo op. However, some people had a tough time with this room and needed to keep moving forward. So it may or may not be a good room for your group.

In the next room, you get to play with bubbles which was a lot of fun. If you want to pull a bubble up around you be sure to pull the hoop fast. If you add on the VR experience it is in the next room. I enjoyed doing the VR. It is always fun to see what they are going to create for the VR experiences.

My Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Visit to Bubble World Los Angeles

There are photo ops almost everywhere you look so be sure to have a fully charged phone or camera to get the full experience. The lighting can fluctuate in certain spots so if you have a ring light I would encourage you to bring it.

Warning: the light room was too much for one member of our group so you may need to go quickly through that if it messes with you.

Allow yourself plenty of time. We spent almost two hours there and didn’t even do all of the photo ops due to some lines. I would say plan to spend around 90 minutes here at least.

Wear socks with your shoes. If you want to go in the ball pit pool you have to take your shoes off.

You may want to avoid wearing dresses. I saw a lot of people in cute dresses last night but I felt like some of the experiences are easier to enjoy with pants.

It was very warm in some of the rooms so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit.

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