One of my favorite places to eat at the beach is Ruby’s Shake Shack Crystal Cove. Ruby’s is a popular diner that has several locations throughout Southern California. Most Ruby’s have an indoor dining area with servers. At the Shake Shack, you can walk up and order food. Your food will be brought to you when it is ready. There is only outdoor seating here but the view is amazing.

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ruby's shake shack crystal cove
Parking at the Shake Shack is very limited. Typically when I go I have to wait around 10-20 minutes for a parking spot. If you would like to visit the beach here I would recommend parking in the Las Trachos parking lot and walking over. As far as recommendations for what to order I highly recommend the BLTA which is a BLT plus avocado. The bread they use is incredible.

ruby's shake shack crystal cove

The fries are great though I do recommend ordering them without salt. The burger is good too. Unlike other Ruby’s locations, the Shake Shack doesn’t have the full menu so there is only one burger option. Now the real reason that I recommend Ruby’s is because of their shakes. Out of all of the places I’ve ordered a shake, Ruby’s has the best ones. My favorite is the chocolate shake which is made with Hershey’s chocolate. At a regular Ruby’s you will get a tin with the overflow milkshake.

ruby's shake shack

The Shake Shack is located on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach. If you continue south on PCH you will end up in Laguna Beach. When you are in Orange County and are looking to drive by the ocean this is the perfect spot to stop for some food. I have brought a lot of my family members here when they have come to visit. Everyone I’ve brought here has loved it. The view is really what they enjoy. My family and I also like to eat at Ruby’s on the pier at Huntington Beach.

rubys shake shack

 I like sitting at the bar so that I can have the best view possible. They also have tables but only the bar directly faces the coast. If you are looking to do some shopping while you are in the area I highly recommend you visit Fashion Island. Near Fashion Island is Sprinkles cupcakes which is a popular and delicious place to check out as well.

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