Hey, hey, hey! What’s going on here? Mr. Belding’s catchphrase is the perfect way to introduce this post that provided an opportunity for me to visit The Max. Growing up I watched Full House and Saved By The Bell every single day after school. I’ve been able to have Full House experiences by attending tapings for Fuller House. And now thanks to the Saved By The Max pop up restaurant in Los Angeles I can live my best Bayside Tigers life.

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How Can You Visit Saved By The Max LA

Saved By The Max started out in Chicago and made its way to Los Angeles this past summer. Tickets for the restaurant went on sale in the spring and sold out very quickly. A few reservations have opened up along the way so if you have been unable to visit please do not lose hope. The reservation that I booked in the spring is not until November. However, my friend Bruno and I entered the Saved By The Max Instagram contest and won! I had an amazing time during my visit last night and cannot wait to return for more in November.


Saved By The Max LA is located at 7100 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046.


Saved By The Max is located in a shopping center in West Hollywood. You can park at the shopping center. However, this means you will need to pay for parking. Bruno and I found parking on Poinsettia Ave a half-mile away from the restaurant in the residential areas. If you don’t want to pay for parking and don’t mind getting some extra steps in I recommend parking in the neighborhood. You can also find metered parking. If you find yourself running late for your reservation I recommend just taking the closest parking spot you can find.

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What Is Saved By The Max

This is a recreation of The Max from the hit tv series Saved By The Bell. You will see a small the Bayside lockers, The Max and Mr. Belding’s office.

saved by the max

From the moment that you step inside The Max be prepared for nostalgia overload in the best possible way. It genuinely felt like I was stepping on the set of this beloved show. On your left-hand side when you walk in you’ll see quotes from the show like Jessie’s iconic “I’m so excited”! The right-hand side has a row of lockers. Some of these lockers are a tribute to the main cast. Each of the tribute lockers has props on the inside that you can use for photos.

saved by the max los angeles

If you would like to come to Saved By The Max with a big group it is not a problem. As you can see in the photo above The Max can accommodate a large variety of group sizes.

the max from saved by the bell

The attention to detail in this pop-up restaurant is phenomenal. They did such a fantastic job recreating the set from the show. I loved this photo op. Though we had to wait until the people sitting at the table left. You will have a very short window to grab a photo like this without other people in it.

mr beldings office

Dennis Haskins who played Mr. Belding went to the same college that I did. Go Mocs! So it was extra fun for me to step into Mr. Belding’s office.saved by the max la

I found my Saved By The Bell t-shirt at Target. You can also find some fun Saved By The Bell apparel on Amazon. However, should you want to buy some merchandise at The Max they have a decent variety of options for you. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get a photo with Kevin the robot and Zack Morris.

saved by the max pop up restaurant

Who can forget KKTY Bayside. I loved getting to be DJ Michelle.

The Max Menu

Something that we were not told at the beginning, well maybe we were told but were both too overwhelmed to hear it, is that you have 90 minutes for your reservation. That mainly goes for the table. They won’t kick you out if you want to continue going around and taking photos when you’re done. So sit down and figure out what you’d like to order and then start with the photos. Each reservation includes one appetizer and one entree per person. You can add a beverage or dessert for an additional fee. Please note that tip is not included so even if you don’t add anything to your order your server deserves a tip for their hard work.

what to order at saved by the max

We ordered the Mac & Screech and the AC Sliders for our appetizers. I would not recommend the Mac & Screech but the AC Sliders are fabulous! The sliders are pulled pork with bbq sauce. Other appetizer options are poutine, buffalo wings or a seasonal salad. The next time I go I would definitely order the sliders again though a salad would be nice too.

saved by the max food

For our entrees, Bruno and I ordered the Bayside burger and the Kelly Kapowski Monte Cristo. Guys, the Monte Cristo is very different than the one at Cheddars or from Disneyland. We had to send it back. In exchange, we got the Preppy Pastrami which was good but the burger was my favorite choice. Tori’s Fried Chicken comes with a waffle. There is also Kevin The Robot Fish Tacos. Beat Valley Buttermilk Pancakes. And two salads. The Big Bopper’s Bopped Salad which is a house salad and the A+ Avocado Caesar.

There are milkshakes, sodas, drinks, and dessert. The desserts range in price from $4-$10. If I have room for dessert on my next visit I want to try the churro waffle ice cream treat known as Max’ Magical Sweet Tooth.

You can catch my Saved By The Max vlog here.

good burger

Saved By the Max has now been replaced by Good Burger. You can read about my Good Burger experience here.

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