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Once again Los Angeles has added another beautiful photo spot to its always growing list of things to do. The MODS Museum in Beverly Hills or the Museum of Dream Space is a fantastic spot for a fun outing with your family and friends. Not only am I going to tell you how you can get discounted tickets but I’m going to share how you can go back for a second visit for free. Be sure to keep reading to find out how!

mods museum

How To Get Discounted Tickets to the MODS Museum

If you buy your tickets directly from the MODS website you will pay $32 for an adult ticket. Honestly, this is a fun experience but as far as what the experience is worth I wouldn’t suggest paying more than $10. My friends and I were able to get tickets for $8 through Goldstar. For one week Goldstar has been offering comp tickets to a lot of cool places in LA. All you have to do is pay the service fee. If you are unable to get the comp tickets you will still save by purchasing your tickets through Goldstar.

Now, once you’ve been to the museum once all you have to do in order to return for free is to show them a picture of you from your first visit. That way you can return for more photos! Your tickets will say that you must print them out. Don’t worry if you can’t do that. They will scan the ticket from your phone.

museum of dream space beverly center
Where Is The Museum of Dream Space Located

It is located on the sixth level of the Beverly Center next to Macy’s. I was running behind so instead of looking for nearby street parking I decided to park at the mall. If you stay for less than four hours the cost of parking is $1 an hour.

discounted tickets to mods museum

Tips for Visiting MODS

If you have a white shirt I definitely recommend wearing it. Several of the rooms have projections which will show up great on a plain white shirt. There are six rooms in total though I only ended up taking pictures in five of the rooms. Unlike other photo experiences in LA, you can return to any of the rooms throughout your visit so if you decide you want to go back to any of the rooms before you leave it is very easy to do so.

museum of dream space

You are able to step into the hanging lights as I did in the above photo. Just be sure to step carefully. If you break anything, you buy it.

The very last room is one of the hardest to get good photos in because of the lighting. It is a beautiful room but the trick is to open up the door that leads out to the mall to allow more light in the room.

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