How To Visit The Big Bang Theory Set And Sit in Sheldon’s Spot

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Are you a fan of the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory? Unfortunately, you can no longer attend a taping of The Big Bang Theory now that the show has gone off the air. However, you can still see filming locations from the show and also visit The Big Bang Theory set by taking the Warner Bros Studio Tour. Does that make you want to say Bazinga? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know before you go.

the big bang theory stage

The Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood gives fans the opportunity to get up close with the set from popular tv shows and movies. Should you take the tour be sure to consider getting the Go LA Pass for discounted entry to several popular locations around the area. The studio tour is around $70 so by paying a little bit more for the pass you can really get the best bang for your buck.
visit the big bang theory setIf you do take the tour be sure to let your guide know that you are a fan of the show. Hopefully, this will encourage your guide to point out places where the sitcom filmed in the backlots. If you’d like a photo by the Big Bang Theory plaque outside of Stage 25 request this upfront. Your guide may not be able to accommodate the request depending on what is happening on the lot today but asking is the best way to try and give you everything you want out of your experience.

big bang theory set warner bros

The very last stop on the tour will be to Stage 48. It is at this self-guided location where you will find three sets from The Big Bang Theory. You are able to take your own photos but since they are trying to sell you photos they can tend to be picky about which angles you use. I highly recommend coming prepared with your own Big Bang Theory shirts.

the big bang theory set
This is such a fun way to live your best fan life!!