If you are looking for something fun to do I highly recommend the Knotts Berry Farm Food Festival. With so many of our favorite activities and places closed during COVID, it is so exciting to find something really cool to do. With this particular event not only are you getting a good amount of food for the price, but you also get to enjoy the theme park. Of course, the rides are closed but it was still enjoyable to be at the park.

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knotts berry farm food festival
The tickets were $35 plus tax when I purchased them for the Taste of Fall o Ween event. Pricing has changed off and on since they first launched the food festival over the summer. Each edition of the festival has had a different theme but each has offered the same fun experience. In a state where theme parks as a whole are closed, it is such a treat to be able to walk around the entire park even if the rides are not operating.

knotts berry farm holiday food festival

You are expected to keep your mask on when you are not actively eating or drinking but it was okay to quickly take them off for a photo at the main entrance. There is so much space for dining and relaxing that I never felt like I was unsafe.

knotts berry farm food

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Went

Once you are inside you can stay as long as you want/need to. I thought that three hours would be long enough. However, with how far I had to park and then walk to the gates thirty minutes were gone before we were even in line for a photo at the entrance. The portions were much bigger than I had anticipated so I was full after the first two tastings and had less than one hour to squeeze in three more tastings. This is why more time would be beneficial so that you don’t feel rushed to get all of your tastings in. There is not a time limit so once you are inside the gates you are welcome to stay until the event ends.

I used napkins and the containers some of the food came in to bring extra food home. I wish I had thought to bring a ziplock bag or Tupperware with me as I really did not want to waste the food but also wanted to use all of my tastings. I was shocked by how quickly the time went and I was really scrambling at the last minute to finish up my tasting card. Of course, it will also depend on how much you feel like eating and what you want. If two of your tastings are drinks you might not need as much time.

knotts berry farm dessert

The other thing I wish I had known was that you could make substitutions. I got the cookie ice cream sandwich with pumpkin ice cream. The pumpkin ice cream was good but after a few bites, it was too sweet for me. My Mom later got the same thing but asked for vanilla ice cream and they were happy to switch those out. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

It was so nice to get out of the house for the Knotts Berry Farm Food Festival. This event was done in a safe manner. I really hope that Disneyland and Universal Studios will be able to host similar events as well.

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