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If you are a big fan of the tv series Friends you will be excited to know that Coffee Bean is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the show. The Friends themed Menu at Coffee Bean launched this morning 7/31 and will run through 8/27. I had a slow start to my morning and by the time I got to my local Coffee Bean they were already sold out of the black “We Were On a Coffee Break” mug. I was able to snag a white “How You Brewin?” It is important to note that the mugs will not be restocked when they sell out they are gone. Good thing you can always find cute Friends mugs on amazon.

The Coffee Bean Central Perk pop ups have ended. But, do not fear. You can still visit The Real Central Perk set by taking the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

friends coffee mugs
Isn’t the mug super cute? I love that in the iconic yellow frame it says 25 years. My location only had two mugs left in their stock when I was there so again, if you want a mug you’ll need to plan on going asap. In addition to the coffee mugs, they also have bags of coffee for sale and a tin of citrus berry tea. The tea tin is sold for $9.95. The 12 oz coffee bags are $9.95 as well.

friends menu coffee bean

Unfortunately, it was tricky for me to get a clear and zoomed-in photo of the menu the way it was positioned. So in case, you have difficulty reading the menu I’ll help you out.

friends coffee bean and tea leaf

Friends Themed Drinks at Coffee Bean

There are six Friends themed drinks in total. The Joey is a mango cold brew tea for $3.70. The Phoebe is my favorite! It is a cookie and cream ice blended drink for $4.90. The Chandler is a caramel coconut latte. The Ross is a flat white. The Monica is a midnight mocha cold brew. My boyfriend ordered The Monica and he loved it!! The Rachel is a matcha latte. They were offering samples of that drink which honestly, I didn’t even try because it did not look appealing to me.

From 8/8 to 8/11 you can get a buy one get one Friends drink from 2pm -6pm. 

friends coffee bean

I enjoy the Coffee Bean so I was excited to stop by and check out the Friends themed menu. They did a great job with the displays. I think this partnership will be popular among fans.

central perk coffee bean pop up

Guess what? From now until 8/23 you can visit the pop ups from 8am – 8pm. The two locations are at 8793 Beverly Blvd in West Hollywood and 1312 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I waited in line for over an hour. They were not capping the time people spent on the couch so some people spent over 5 mins. You’ll be out in the sun so bring an umbrella and put 90 mins-2 hours in the parking meters. Above you can see a photo of me on the “set” at the pop up and then below that my family and I on the real set at Warner Bros Studio.

central perk friends location

Did you know that you can visit the real Central Perk set from Friends?

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