The main reason that I started this blog is so that I could share about things that I do & share how you can do the same thing too! Over the last few years, I have started attending events on a semi-regular basis and share the information about these events in my private Facebook group. Thanks to getting complimentary Citi Private Pass tickets I was blessed to get to attend the Battle of the Sexes premiere & after-party.

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What is Citi Private Pass?

It is perks offered to Citi credit cardholders. Most of the time the perks involve being able to purchase concert tickets early with a special code. However, on occasion, complimentary Citi private pass tickets are made available on Tuesdays for special events. The first celebrity event that I attended through Citi was the opening night of the TCM Film Festival with Oscar winner Martin LandauSince that time I have attended more TCM events with Hollywood stars like Louis Gossett Jr., John Lithgow, Diane Ladd, and Laura Dern. I was very sad that for the 2024 TCM film festival Citi did not hold a special event.

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One year a friend let me know that the Citi Private Pass website had complimentary tickets to the Battle of the Sexes premiere. The tickets were made available on a Tuesday morning so I recommend checking the Citi Private Pass website on that day of the week off and on from 9 am-12 pm. Events are not always promoted so sometimes the only way to know about them is to check yourself. I have not seen premiere tickets since this one instance but I am always holding out hope that something like this will come again.

I had to fill out a ticket request form and include the first 6 digits of my Citi credit card in order to redeem the tickets. When I got a confirmation email I noticed that it said the tickets included a reception after the screening. I figured that the reception would be the after-party and it was!

citi private pass ticketsMost of the time when I go to a movie premiere I have a standby ticket and while I normally make it into the premiere I have to do a bit of waiting first. However, for the Battle of the Sexes, I was able to pick my tickets up at will call. The premiere was a lot of fun. There were people dressed up in tennis outfits handed out t-shirts and visors before the screening. Inside the lobby of the theatre, I met singer Sara Bareilles who sings the song during the end private pass

Inside of the theatre, we were able to pick our own seats which are rare since seats are typically assigned at a premiere. However, the seats we picked were in a great location because the cast lined up next to us as they waited to join the director at the front of the theatre. Steve Carrell, Alan Cumming, Emma Stone, Billie Jean King, and Bill Pullman were all standing on the side of where I was sitting. After the movie ended the after-party began. It was held outside the theatre. The atmosphere was incredible with the people, decor, and food. This was an incredible VIP-type experience that I will remember for a long time.

If you live in Los Angeles or New York you might want to consider getting a Citi credit card so that when these events happen you can have a VIP experience too!

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