The Scenario Studio Los Angeles is the newest pop up experience that photo lovers need to check out. Even if you have not heard of this company before you have most likely seen photos from their experiences. If you follow any celebrities on instagram you’ve most likely seen them post photos from after-parties and events with photo ops created by John Ganun. This is also the same company that was behind the 48 hour Stranger Things pop up in West Hollywood a few months back.

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This particular pop up is slightly different than most of the other ones that I have visited. What makes this experience stand out are small details like a worker cleaning the lens on your camera and going over the details on what their suggestions are for the coloring of your photo to achieve a great look.  Granted, I didn’t have the time to change the settings on my phone for each photo display but I did appreciate all of the information.

Where Is The Scenario Studio Located

*please note that this pop up is currently being relocated to Beverly Hills. I will update this post once the new location has been revealed.

You will find it on the bottom level of Grand Central Market. My boyfriend and I had a difficult time finding this because we did not know where the entrance to the bottom level was. If you enter from Hill Streetwalk in the middle of the market. When you walk down a set of stairs turn immediately to the left and you should see the stairs leading to the bottom.

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grand central market downtown los angeles

I parked in the structure next to Grand Central Market. It is $3 for the first 90 mins and $2 every 15 minutes after the first 90 mins. I ran out of time very quickly and ended up leaving earlier than I would have because I didn’t want to end up paying a crazy amount for parking. One of my friends found metered parking which worked out better for him but only because we were there late at night so after 8 pm he didn’t have to worry about adding money to his meter. Honestly, as much as I dislike the metro that it is your best bet to not have to worry about parking.

Discounted Tickets

If you act quickly you might be able to get a free ticket as I did. For select days this week, the Surkus app is offering free admission to the Scenario Studio. Once you apply for the event and get selected you’ll be given a code to download a ticket. The code works for the ticket that includes the free photo printout. If you’ve never used Surkus before I highly recommend the app.

The experience is open from 1 pm-10 pm. 

The Photo Guide

While you are waiting for your experience to begin they invite you to step up to the last looks mirror to fix any last-minute flyaway hairs or touch up your makeup. Then, it’s time for your photo orientation.

scenario studio

The first photo op is more of a test spot. They want you to practice using their photo recommendations here. This spot was my least favorite because regardless of where I stood the lights created a shining square on my forehead.

We also had to wait here until people were done taking photos in the schoolroom set. Our tickets were for 6 pm but it was 6:30 pm when we actually got to start taking photos in the sets that we wanted to. That really cut into my 90 mins. It wasn’t very crowded when we were there but what really eats up your time is waiting for others to take their photos too.

the scenario studio photos

One of my favorite photo sets is the schoolroom. First of all, the coloring in this room is perfect for me but I absolutely loved all of the wonderful attention to detail with the props. There are so many props that you can use with your poses and I love that they even added the detail of the blinds reflection on the wall.

the scenario studio

The next set is one I decided to skip due to time. It is a plain set as pictured above but they did have a rack of costumes that you could put on.

the scenario studio photo op

The Scary Movie set was another favorite of mine. I would really encourage you to choose an outfit that will pop in these photo sets.

the scenario studios

The Vegas room was a fantastic set! You might have seen this set before. It was created for John Legend’s birthday party. One of the best tips they gave us for this spot was to use a slo-mo video for the best quality of throwing the money around.

the scenario studios downtown los angeles

They have a fan blowing on you at this photo spot to really help give the impression that you are on the road.

the scenario studio pop up

The other two photo scenarios are a koi pond room with costumes that help you blend into the set. And an upside-down room.

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