Happening right now in Highland Park, Amazon Prime has brought 1970’s NYC to life. To celebrate the premiere of their newest production, Hunters TV, they have transformed the Highland Theatre and Highland Park Bowl. This is the fourth Amazon event like this that I have attended and they always go all out! If you are looking to see if they still have free tickets for today/tomorrow be sure to visit my Upcoming Events page.

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hunters tv amazon prime event

I love that Amazon went the extra mile by hiring actors to be citizens of the 1970’s NYC. It was an immersive experience that really made me feel like I was stepping back in time for a brief moment. Tickets are given out for specific times. Some tickets include bowling, none of the bowling tickets are left, unfortunately. To check-in be sure to arrive as close to 15 minutes early as you can. My tickets were for 4 pm and our screening began ten minutes late to accommodate as many people as possible.

Parking at the Highland Theatre

There is not a specific parking lot for the theatre. I was lucky enough to find free street parking for two hours by Figueroa St and Ave 61. You can find two-hour free parking until 6 pm. After 6 pm there is no rush to get back to your car. There is metered street parking closer to the theatre but it is very limited.

Check In

Check-in takes place in front of the theatre. If you are over 21 they will give you an additional wristband for drinks from the bar at the after-party. Everyone will be given a reusable Hunters tote bag. Inside the bag, you’ll find a punch card to use for all of the freebies. At the theatre, you can redeem for a Hunters comic, a soda/popcorn and candy. I loved that they decked out the concession stand to truly make it feel like the correct time period.

Hunters TV

highland theatre

The event began with a screening of the very first episode of Hunters. Honestly, I think the show is well done but I am not the right audience for this show. It is too hard to watch for me. I found myself wanting to leave but felt obligated to stay. I’m really sad that the show is just too much for me as I really love the cast. The violence was hard for me but also the subject matter. If you haven’t heard about the show before it is about Jewish people hunting Nazis.

highland theatre concessions

The theatre itself is very old school and I think was a great fit for this event.

hunters tv

After the episode ended everyone was invited across the street to the Highland Park Bowl for the after-party. I was one of the lucky ones to get a ticket that included bowling. This was my first time in such a unique bowling alley. I loved how much character this spot has and just like the theatre it had the perfect old-school vibe. The bar area is so well-themed and cool looking.

the marvelous mrs. maisel hollywood

One of my other favorite Amazon Prime events that I have attended was the FYC event for the Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

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