A few weeks ago I finally visited Malibu, California. I love living in a place where there are so many things to do. In fact, because there are so many things to do and places to see I’ve been trying to get to Malibu for five years. Of course, once I knew I was going to check out this little slice of paradise I had to do my research. I was surprised by how little information I could find on what to do here besides the beach, and hiking. The only other recommendation I found was to visit the Getty Villa and eat at Malibu Farm.

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malibu farms restaurant

My parents had previously been to Malibu and enjoyed lunch at Duke’s. My original thought for our lunch was to check out Neptune’s Net which is a popular filming location. However, after doing some research on that I wasn’t too impressed. Then I remembered that I kept seeing Malibu Farm pop up on Instagram. It is located on one of the piers in the area so I thought it would be a great spot for food with a view. If you’re going to eat in a place with a beautiful coastline you might as well have stunning scenery to look at.

Some of you will be interested to know that you might see celebrities at Malibu Farm. Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin, Owen Was, Kate Hudson, and Julie Roberts are some of the stars who have dined here. I wouldn’t recommend driving all the way out here just to try and see celebrities though. Come for the food & scenery. It is easy to see why celebrities would like it here. Malibu is a good drive from the craziness of LA. This is the town to come to when you need to unwind.

malibu farms restaurant

I wish that the weather would have been gorgeous so that we would have wanted to eat outside. The day we went it was cold, for California, and windy. Luckily, we were given a table by the window so we could still see the pacific ocean. I’ll admit when I first saw the menu I had some hesitations. At first glance, it seemed too healthy and off-beat for me. However, since my parents had paid $10 to park at the pier and we were hungry I decided to give it a try. Did I enjoy my meal? 100%! Every single bite was delicious. It’s been two weeks since I was there and I am still thinking about the salad I ordered.

At the start of the pier is the Malibu Farm Restaurant while the Malibu Farm Cafe is at the end of the pier. If you would prefer not to have a server the cafe is the best choice for you. Please note that if you park at the pier it will cost $10.

4 Things To Order Off The Malibu Farm Menu

Malibu Farm Menu

Malibu Blue Nachos
My Mom and I split the nachos and the salad. The chips were very tasty and not too salty which is a rare find. We ordered our nachos without black beans.┬áThe portion size isn’t very large but it is filling.

BLT Kale Caesar Salad
This is my new favorite salad. The only sad thing about that statement is that Malibu is not right around the corner. I truly loved every single bite of this salad. Normally I love croutons in a salad but in this case, I think it would have taken away from the flavor. The portion size is fabulous and perfect for sharing. I was shocked by how much I ended up loving this!

Malibu Farm Restaurant

Grilled Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel
While this dessert was absolutely fabulous we were a little disappointed when it arrived. When our server described it to us we were under the impression that it would come to the table on fire. Once we took a bite our disappointment at the lack of fire melted away. At this point, it should have been no surprise that it would taste amazing since everything else was fabulous. The top of the cake is crunchy while the rest is soft. The salted caramel sauce only added to the deliciousness.

Grass Fed Beef Burger
My Dad ordered the burger that our server recommended. It looked incredible so of course, I had to have a bite. Once again, the flavor was amazing. I also really enjoyed the cheesy potatoes that came with it.

All four of these items are something that I would order again.

Even though I enjoyed my time in this beach town I found it a little boring. Beautiful, but not quite as exciting as other beach towns. That being said I do think that it can be the perfect place to get away for the day. Especially for Los Angeles locals or tourists. Any city that has 27 miles of coastline can’t be a bad place to visit, right?

The Getty Villa

Interested in checking out the Getty Villa? You can read about my experience in this post.

the boathouse at hendry's beach santa barbara

If you love dining by the ocean and plan to head up the coast to Santa Barbara I highly recommend the Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach.

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