Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara

Dining by the ocean is my favorite! On a recent visit to Santa Barbara, I did a quick google search to find out the best place to eat at by the water. The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach immediately popped up. It was a short drive from downtown and it is the only waterfront restaurant I’ve been too in years that offers free parking. If you can try and eat here close to sunset I would highly recommend it.

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boathouse at hendry's beach

I wanted to eat outside but the tables were all full. Indoors ended up being perfectly fine. There is a mirror along the wall inside so even though my Mom’s back was facing the ocean she could still see the gorgeous view in the mirror.

the boathouse at hendry's beach santa barbara

They have heaters in the outdoor seating for when it gets cold.

hendry's beach boathouse

My Mom and I ordered the chowder fries, which ended up being our favorite thing on the menu. We also order mussels and ahi tuna poke.

food at the boathouse at hendry's beach

If you order the ahi tuna poke I highly recommend the wonton chips.


dessert boathouse hendry's beach

For dessert, we order the ice cream sundae. The food was all very tasty but the view was by far the best part. I really hope you get a better server than we did. The service was incredibly disappointing and extended our visit by at least thirty minutes because of how long our server took to bring the bill.

hendry's beach

Right next to the Boathouse there was a beautiful staircase that was adorned by rocks. It was more than picture perfect.