The Writers Guild Library is one of the best-hidden gems in Los Angeles. I call this a hidden gem because while many in the industry might know that it exists, most people in LA are unaware. This is a wonderful resource for writers of any level because it is open to the public and is available to use free of charge.

I really enjoyed my visit to the library. My main reason for going is that I have been working on a Christmas movie that I would love to submit to Hallmark. By visiting the library I was able to access two different scripts and get an idea of the flow and format they like. Plus, I wanted to be able to share this place with you.

Please note that you will need to have your identification to get access to the library. First, you will need to check in with security. Next, you will leave your id with the librarian which you will get back upon returning the scripts.

writers guild library

What does the Writers Guild Library have to offer? The library is filled with scripts from both tv shows and movies that you can borrow to read and study. There is a catch though. You can only read the scripts in the library. You cannot take them home. Helpful tip: be sure to check out the catalog of scripts before you go so you can know that they have something that you are looking for. With 37,000 scripts to choose from you should be in luck.

I cannot stress enough what a wonderful resource this library is to the writing community. In addition to all of the scripts, the library has show bibles, pitch decks, outlines and more from various productions. The value that this special place can offer is truly remarkable. I cannot believe that out of all of the acting classes I’ve taken and all of the books I’ve read about the industry, not a single one recommended coming here.

It also means we have unique materials in our collection such as show bibles, pitch decks, note cards, outlines, correspondence, and handwritten drafts from some popular films and TV shows.

Can you bring food or drinks? No food is allowed inside but you can bring coffee or water as long as it is in a container with a lid.

Size-wise the room is not too large. It is big enough though that when I went I was able to have a table all to myself. Of course, that can vary depending on the day and time. There are outlets where you can charge your phone/computer.

While at the library I recommend checking the bulletin board for any upcoming events.

The address for the Writers Guild Library is 7000 W. Third St.

Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Parking is the biggest obstacle to visiting the library. I tried parking underneath the library but I had no luck. I did end up finding street parking but could only park for two hours. Tuesdays-Fridays: Space permitting, validated parking may be available underneath the building (entrance on Blackburn Ave., one block south of Third St.)

Saturdays: Parking available in the underground WGA garage from 11:00 am – 5:30 pm for free with validation. I recommend bringing quarters just in case you are unable to get a spot in the parking lot.

If you are looking for other resources for filmmakers I recommend attending the free SAG Indie Workshop.

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