Hiking is a favorite activity for many locals in LA. The weather is hiking friendly almost any day of the year and the variety of hiking trails is wonderful. The Burbank Peak Trail is close to my work so some of my friends & I decided to check it out a few weeks ago.

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Burbank Peak Trail Parking

You cannot park where the trail starts. Free street parking is available on Lake Hollywood Drive. Once you park you will need to walk up Wonder View Drive to get to the trail. When you get to the yellow gate walk around to continue on your way to the trail.

burbank hiking trails

This is the view from the start of the trail. You can see Universal Studios from here. Once you get up to the very top you can even see a little bit of Warner Bros Studio as well.

Burbank Peak Trail

burbank peak trail

You can see from the picture above what the trail looks like. It is tricky going up and going down. You will want to wear shoes that have a good grip on them. It is very rocky but we did not see anyone hurt themselves on the trail.

hiking in los angeles

My friends and I paused for a photoshoot with the Griffith Observatory and the LA skyline.

burbank peak trail

The hike also has some great views of Lake Hollywood. Thank you to a fellow hiker who took this fabulous photo of my friends and me.
flag on top of the burbank peak trail

At top of the trail is an American flag and wisdom tree.

Here are my essentials for hiking:

  • Hike in the morning or the afternoon. Try and avoid the hottest part of the day.
  • Bring water & snacks
  • Use either a flip belt or a backpack to hold your phone, keys, and other items
  • Don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses

Interested in other hikes in the LA area? Be sure to check out my post on hiking to the top of the Hollywood Sign.

pumpkin rock hike

If you’re willing to go for a drive east of LA I highly recommend the Pumpkin Rock hike in Norco.

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