Have you heard of the adorable Pumpkin Rock hike in Norco? A few weeks ago I saw photos of the Pumpkin Rock on Instagram and immediately wanted to check it out. My Mom was in town visiting so we decided to do this together. Finding solid and helpful information about the hike was a little tricky. There were no clear directions on where the trail starts or the best place to park. My goal with this post is to help give you clarity.

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pumpkin rock hike in noroc

If you are coming from the LA area be prepared that this drive could be around one hour one way. Luckily I was coming from Orange County so it was closer to 45 mins. This is a cool hike but please be aware that Norco is not right around the corner from LA. 

I had put Pumpkin Rock into my gps which essentially got us to the area. However, there were no signs with information for the hike and parking signs in the neighborhood were not clear. We ended up parking at the nearby Pikes Peak Park. There are also restrooms here should you need them. If you park at Pikes Peak stand with your back to the park and begin walking to your left. My Mom and I had to enter an equestrian center for a brief period which meant ignoring a do not enter sign. Once you pass the entrance you quickly turn to the left by a brown sign.

The address for Pikes Peak Park is 111 Sixth St, Norco, CA 92860.

hiking in norco

There are several paths that lead up to the Pumpkin but the consistent thing about all paths is at one point or another they all become very steep. I encourage you to make sure that you bring shoes that are not very slick. Throughout the hike, you’ll see some of the Pumpkin. It almost felt like he was watching over us.

pumpkin rock hike norco

From our parking location the hike ended up being 1.6 miles round trip. However, two gentlemen from LA that we spoke with at the top by the pumpkin told us that they parked closer than we did.

They put Pumpkin Rock Trailhead into their gps. It is closer to one-mile roundtrip if you park at the trailhead. Just be careful to read the parking signs in the neighborhood.

pumpkin rock hike

I loved the pumpkin! It is so cute and perfect for a hike in the fall. Of course, since we’re in LA it was 90 degrees outside so it didn’t really feel like fall. But still, it was a fun activity for October. My Mom and I had a fun time taking photos even though the position of the sun made them challenging. Sunset is the recommended time for the hike for the best photos but that did not work with my schedule.

pumpkin rock

For anyone who hikes on a semi-regular basis or is in good shape, this is easy. I found myself having to take several breaks on the way up due to how steep the trail I was on was and how out of shape I currently am. So for me, it was a big victory to make it to the top. I definitely recommend this hike!

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