Did you know that you can get paid to sit in the studio audience for tv show tapings? The last thing that productions want is empty seats when the studio audience is shown on camera. In order to help make sure that they have a full audience there are various companies that provide paid audience work in Los Angeles.

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Find Out How to Be Paid To Sit In Tv Show Audiences

What To Know About Audience Work in Los Angeles

I really enjoy attending TV show tapings. It is even better when I can get paid for doing so. However, productions don’t want people too many people to find out that you can get paid for this type of work. The reason is that they want to try and keep as many people coming for free as possible. When you do paid audience work you are not supposed to mention to anyone else that you’re earning money for being there.

It is very rare that they will feed you. Plan on bringing your own water and snacks. There are a lot of shows that will not allow you to bring your phone on set. Books are great for all of the downtimes that happen during the tapings. And don’t forget to bring a pen to fill out your paperwork and get paid. For the majority of shows, free parking is provided. Most of the audience work pays in cash.

Onset Productions

This company also has a small selection of shows. They offer more work on the East Coast. For Los Angeles locals you can get paid to go to Lip Sync Battle through Onset Productions. Be sure to sign up for the paid tickets and not the free ones. You can sign up here.

Standing Room Only

This company has one of the largest rosters of shows. They are very strict with the dress code and arrival times. You can sign up here. SRO has been the biggest help for me in finding paid audience work in Los Angeles.

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