Looking for a fun fall themed activity in Los Angeles that is family friendly? The Fall Harvest Festival at Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark is a great option. There is no charge for parking at Underwood Farm. During the festival, weekday admission is $6 per person. On the weekend admission ranges from $15-$20 depending on which date you go. Please note that if you purchase weekend tickets online you can get a discount. My Mom and I went on a weekday which was really nice.

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underwood family farm

Even though fall in California is much different than the fall season I grew up with in Tennessee there is still pumpkin-themed fun out here. Underwood Farm has a pumpkin patch, animals, a corn maze and you can even ride the tractor-drawn wagon out to a pick your own vegetables area. While a fair number of things to do are included in admission there are still a lot of activities that require tickets. *Not all activities are available during the week days.

underwood farm

It is such a nice place to walk around and see animals. For 25¢ you can get food out of machines by the animal enclosures to feed them so you might want to bring some quarters with you.

goats at underwood farm

The goats are really fun to watch. They have an enclosed catwalk that lets them do a lot of exploring.

underwood farm pumpkin patch

I loved going through their wide selection of pumpkins. All of which I thought was priced very fair. The pumpkins my Mom and I are holding were either $6 or $8. If you get heavy pumpkins be sure to grab one of the wagons or wheelbarrows to transport them back to your car.

Besides the pumpkins, my favorite parts were the tractor-drawn wagon ride and the corn maze. The tractor ride takes you a good distance and again, provides the opportunity for you to pick your own veggies. They had a wide variety of options from green beans & peppers to squash. There were also a lot of beautiful sunflowers. However, you need to be able to put the sunflowers in water immediately and we did not come prepared.

mr. bones pumpkin patch

If you’re looking for a pumpkin patch closer to LA you can check out my review of Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch.

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