When people first heard that Paradise Pier would be transformed to Pixar Pier loyal fans were devastated to lose the Cove Bar. This hot spot had become a favorite among visitors with its fun drinks and lobster nachos. The Cove Bar has now become the Lamplight Lounge and I am happy to say that while some things did not survive the transformation the lobster nachos did. After my visit, I put together a list of what I think are the best foods from Lamplight Lounge at Pixar Pier.

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There are two ways to dine at the Lamplight Lounge. You can dine at the bar which is great if you want the lobster nachos or one of the other appetizers. For an entree, you will need to eat at the restaurant on the bottom level of the building. The actual restaurant has a brunch menu as well as the lunch/dinner menu.

The theming inside Lamplight Lounge is so fun. Some of the tables in the restaurant have cars or other Pixar related items under the glass of the table. I recommend asking for a table indoors so you can really enjoy the decor though the outdoor tables let you enjoy the Pixar Pier beauty.

Here are some of my favorite eats & drinks from the Lamplight Lounge

2319 Drink

frozen drinks lamplight lounge

It was well over 90 degrees outside when I dined at the Lamplight Lounge so a frozen drink was at the top of my wish list. They have several pages of drink choices on the menu so there is truly a drink for everyone in your group. One of the coolest looking drinks is a Buzz Lightyear themed one with bubbles that continuously move up and down in your drink. My friends and I all decided on the pink drink pictured above.

The frozen drinks my friends and I ordered was a 2319. It is frozen strawberry puree, cream of coconut, pineapple juice with coca-cola. I know it sounds like such an odd combination but it is very good. Honestly, though I probably won’t order it on my next visit though. Not because it wasn’t good but I just want to try other things.

Ocean with a Splash

drinks at lamplight lounge

This is another drink that is especially refreshing on a hot day.

The drink below I cannot find the name of. Silly me didn’t pay attention when my friend ordered it and I cannot find a drink that looks similar to it on the menu. Possibly it came off the secret menu. But, it was very good.

Potato Skins

potato skins from the lamplight lounge
They do not give you enough of these incredible potato skins. It is such a nice appetizer. The potatoes are light and flakey with the most delicious sauce.

Lobster Nachos

lobster nachos lamplight lounge

The lobster nachos are the biggest fan favorite of the Lamplight Lounge. It is a pricy appetizer at $20 but more than worth getting at least once. The size is perfect for sharing too!

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Cheddar Burger

food at lamplight lounge

Disney keeps taking my favorite items off the menu but so far they are leaving this burger alone. I love the taste of the burger and the fries are fabulous!! Highly recommend this.

Chicken Sandwich

lamplight lounge chicken sandwich
I don’t like the chicken sandwich as much as the burger but the pineapple butter is one of the things that really makes this unique.

blue milk star wars land

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