Gilmore Girls Holiday Celebration at Warner Bros Studio

I smell snow! If you want to live your best Gilmore Girl life you need to head to Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood this winter. Did you know that the Stars Hollow set still exists at the studio? The backlot they used for this small town is known as Midwest and is available to guests through the studio tour. For the second year, the studio will be decorating Loreli and Rory’s house for the holidays. Fun fact, their house is the backside of Sookie’s house. The Gilmore Girls Holiday celebration at WB is set to run from 12/21/2019 to 1/5/2020.

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Gilmore Girls Holiday Celebration

Please note that this post will cover what the experience was like in 2018. I will try to provide updates for this year as they come in. This experience is part of the regular Warner Bros Studio Tour. Be sure to let your guide know you are big Gilmore Girls fans so that they will know to point out things of interest for you. Unfortunately, Miss Patty’s dance hall was recently torn down but most of the outdoor sets still exist.

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Some Gilmore Girls locations will be blocked off for you to enjoy at the end of the tour so if you cannot get a photo at the gazebo while you’re with your guide don’t sweat it. You’ll have a chance to see the exterior of Kim’s Antiques, the gazebo and more at the end. I recommend taking a later tour so that way you can enjoy the house all lit up!

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Last year they had a few different lunch offerings that you could enjoy in Lorelei’s backyard. This year it sounds like they plan to offer food from Luke’s diner. Though that could change. Some of the highlights of last year’s experience was seeing the iconic jeep in the yard, the Stars Hollow sign and costumes worn by the main characters.