Famous TV and Movie Houses in Los Angeles

Finding filming locations from movies and TV shows has become one of my favorite things to do. Lately, I have been visiting a lot of famous TV and movie houses in Los Angeles. Almost any part of the LA area will be home to at least one or two of the iconic houses. Since all the homes on this list are private residences I do ask and recommend that you try and be as respectful as possible when you go to visit.

Tv & Movie Houses in los angeles

This list will continue to be updated as I visit more filming locations. Be sure to check back to see what else gets added to this list.

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Movie and TV Houses in Pasadena

Father of the Bride House

father of the bride house pasadena

The Father Of The Bride House is one of my favorites because it looks like such a perfect family home. There are actually two homes that you can visit that were used in the movie. Can’t you just picture Franck and his team adding all of the finishing touches for the wedding reception? You can also visit the home used for the basketball scenes in Alhambra.

The Father of the Bride House is located at 843 South El Molino Avenue in Pasadena.

The House where they filmed the basketball scenes is located at 500 North Almansor Road in Alhambra.

Don Draper’s House from Mad Men

don draper house from mad men

I am going to be honest and admit that I have never seen an episode of Mad Men. But, I can’t pass up the opportunity to visit a famous filming location. And I like Jon Hamm who plays Don Draper. The Mad Men house is actually walking distance from the Father Of The Bride house.

Don Draper’s House From Mad Men is located at 675 Arden Road Pasadena.

The House in Mr. and Mrs. Smith

house in mr and mrs smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a movie that will always be famous for the chemistry of the co-stars both on-screen and off. Luckily, the house getting destroyed was just a bit of movie magic as the beautiful home is still standing. Are you noticing a theme among homes in Pasadena? I love that all three homes so far look similar but also have their own unique characteristics. This area is one of my favorites to drive around and look at houses. It is a fantastic bonus that so many of the houses are also filming locations!

The House in Mr. and Mrs. Smith is located at 1565 San Pasqual Street in Pasadena

The Gamble House

The gamble house

The Gamble House in Pasadena is one of my favorite homes to visit. It is filled with fascinating details and a tour is well worth your time. I recommend visiting The Gamble House to admire the architecture and history as much as I recommend visiting it as a filming location. I have toured the house for free on two different occasions which you can read about here. This is Doc Brown’s house in the Back to the Future trilogy. In the scenes taking place in 1985, the mansion no longer exists and Doc lives in his garage/laboratory which in real life is the carriage house turned giftshop.

The Gamble House is located at 4 Westmoreland Pl, Pasadena, CA 91103

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Adam and Kristina Braverman’s House from Parenthood

adam and kristina baverman's house from parenthood

I wish I could visit the iconic Braverman house that Zeke and Camile owned on Parenthood but that was built on the Universal Backlots. However, there are locations where the many other characters lived that can be visited. This Pasadena home is where Adam & Kristina raise their three children on the show.

Adam and Kristina Braverman’s House is located at 1956 La France Ave, South Pasadena CA

The House from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

the house from pee wee's big adventure

Several homes get a little bit of a transformation for their on-screen appearance. However, I think one of the homes that looks the most different is the house from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Over the years the color of the house has changed several times, the white picket fence is gone, but the unique shape is still recognizable. The House from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is located at 1848 Oxley Street in South Pasadena.

Before you leave Pasadena you might want to visit the Colorado Street Bridge from La La Land, and Pasadena City Hall from Parks and Recreation.

Movie and TV Houses in Altadena

casa walsh from beverly hills 90210

Brandon and Brenda Walsh did not actually live in the 90210 zip code or Beverly Hills. Casa Walsh is located in Altadena. The beautiful house looks just like it did on the show. Parking to take a photo at this particular home was not as easy as some of the others. The street is not very wide so you cannot pull off to the side very easily. Just be sure to watch out for the oncoming traffic and you’ll be fine.

Casa Walsh is located at 1675 East Altadena Drive

A Cinderella Story House

a cinderella story house

I grew up a big fan of Hilary Duff and always watched her movies. When A Cinderella Story came out I loved it! So when a friend of mine posted a picture of this house I knew I had to see it in person. It was a very short drive from Casa Walsh and was close to Eaton Canyon where I was hiking later that day.  This house is picturesque and has a fabulous fairytale vibe to it. I can see why they chose to use it in the movie.

A Cinderella Story House is located at 1272 Calaveras Drive in Altadena.

Movie and TV Houses in North Hollywood

The Brady Bunch House

where is the brady bunch house

The Brady Bunch House has been one of the most exciting homes that I have visited so far. It is so recognizable and nostalgic! After HGTV did the makeover of the house I was hoping that they might open it up for fans to see. So far though you can only view it from the outside. It just happens to be five minutes away from my favorite place to eat. I definitely recommend getting food from Aroma Coffee and Tea while you’re in the area.

The Brady Bunch House is located at 11222 Dilling St, Studio City, CA 91602.

Movie and TV Houses in Hollywood

happy days house

The Happy Days House is located near Paramount Studios where the show was filmed. I visited Garry Marshall’s grave the day after I came to see this house so it felt like a very full-circle moment.

The address for the Happy Days house is 565 North Cahuenga Boulevard.

Movie and TV Houses in Studio City

Boy Meets World House

house from boy meets world

You cannot see the Boy Meets World house from the street. There are bushes providing a barrier between the home and the street. I was able to walk up to the gate to get a picture. Luckily the family wasn’t spending time in the yard. I would have felt invasive in that case. This home feels the most private in the sense that all of the other homes on the list are easily visible from the street and sidewalk. In this case, you do have to walk to the gate in order to see the house. I just recommend making a super quick stop.

The Boy Meets World House is located at 4196 Colfax Avenue in Studio City.

Rick Dalton’s House from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

once upon a time in hollywood rick dalton house

I am a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan! Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was filmed all over the LA area so I have been trying to visit as many filming locations from the movie as I can. Brad Pitt’s character lived in a trailer behind the Van Nuys drive-in theatre, which was actually filmed at the Paramount drive-in since the Van Nuys location no longer exists. While you can go to the drive-in, the trailer is not there. But, you can see Leo’s Character Rick Dalton’s house.

Rick Dalton’s House is located at 10969 Alta View Drive in Studio City.

Movie and TV Show Houses in Valley Village
young sheldon house

The house from Young Sheldon is not in Texas, it is a short drive from the Warner Bros Studio where the tv series is filmed. If you take the Warner Bros Studio Tour you might get to see some places in the backlots where the show has been filmed but they never open up the sets in the soundstages for viewing. However, if you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory (and old Sheldon) you can see Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment and even sit in Sheldon’s spot.

The Young Sheldon House is located at 5501 Morella Avenue in Valley Village.

Movie and TV Show Houses in Century City

mitchell and camerons house from modern family

This is one of my favorite TV houses! I love the shape and design of it. This house is within walking distance from Fox Studios where the show was filmed so that worked out well for them.

The address for Mitchell and Cameron’s House from Modern Family is 2211 Fox Hills Drive in Century City.

dunphy house from modern family

Phil and Claire’s house is not too far from Cam and Mitch. I have yet to visit Jay and Gloria’s house as they have a fence that makes it difficult to see.

The address for the Dunphy house from Modern Family is 10336 Dunleer Drive in Cheviot Hills.

Movie and TV Show Houses in Brentwood

The Golden Girls House

golden girls house

As a huge fan of The Golden Girls seeing their “Miami” house in person was a thrill! I recently had the opportunity to see the inside of the home when it went on sale as it turns out that I knew the realtor. I wasn’t feeling well the day I was supposed to go so I had to pass on the experience. I know it doesn’t look like the set but getting to go inside such an iconic house is a rare chance.

The Golden Girls House is located at 245 N Saltair Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049.

Movie and TV Show Houses in DTLA

the apartment from new girl

While a lot of filming does take place in Downtown Los Angeles the homes for characters are typically found in more residential neighborhoods. One of the main exceptions is the apartment from New Girl.

The address for the apartment from New Girl is 837 Traction Avenue in DTLA.

last man standing

The house from Last Man Standing is in the Windsor Square neighborhood and while that is not DTLA I am going to group them together. I really love this house! It is semi-close to The Grove if you want to stop by on a visit over there.

The address for the Last Man Standing house is 611 Lorraine Boulevard in Windsor Square.

Movie and TV Show Houses in Long Beach

Mia’s Apartment in La La Land

mia's apartment in la la land

La La Land is in my top five favorite movies and easily my favorite movie set in Los Angeles, closely followed by Valentine’s Day. I have visited several filming locations from La La Land including Angels Flight, the Smoke House Restaurant, and the Lighthouse Cafe. The apartment that Mia lives in is located out in Long Beach and is stunning! I fell in love with the exterior of this place. It is so charming and cute.

Mia’s Apartment in La La Land is located at 1728 East 3rd Street Long Beach.

Ferris Bueller House

ferris bueller house

While the majority of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed on location in Chicago, there were a few scenes that were filmed in the LA area. The exterior scenes of the Bueller house were among the ones filmed on the West Coast.

The Ferris Buller House is located at 4160 Country Club in Long Beach.

The House From The Fosters

the house from the fosters

The craftsman-style house is located near downtown Long Beach. North of Long Beach in San Pedro you can find the spot that was used for the school Anchor Beach on the series which you can read about in this post.

The address for the house from The Fosters is 2330 E. 1st St. Long Beach.

buffy the vampire slayer house

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s house is less than a 5-minute drive from the high school used for Beverly Hills 90210. 1313 Cota Ave, Torrance.

Movie and TV Show Houses in Canoga Park

John Connor’s House From Terminator 2: Judgement Day

john connor's house from terminator 2

John Connor lives with his foster parents at this house in Canoga Park. It isn’t the most glamorous or stunning house to visit but for fans of the movie, it can still be fun to see.

John Connor’s House From Terminator 2 is located at 19828 Valerio Street, Los Angeles, California.

Are you interested in visiting more famous houses and filming locations? This book on Amazon might be a helpful guide for you.

Famous Movie and TV Show Homes on Movie Lots

The Gilmore Girls House is located on the Warner Bros Lot and can be seen on the studio tour as long as they are not filming in that area. Your best chance to see it is on the weekends when little to no filming is happening. For the last two Christmases, the studio has decorated the home for the holidays which has been incredible to see.

heck house from the middle

You can see my photos of various movies and TV show houses from my visit to the Warner Bros Ranch. The house pictured is where the Heck family lived in The Middle.

jim and pam's house from the office

Jim and Pam’s house from The Office. This house is first shown in the “Frame Toby” episode and though it looks slightly different than it did in the show it is the actual location.

Address: 13831 Calvert Street, Van Nuys

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