How to Get to the Not So Secret Swing in Elysian Park

Have you seen photos of the secret swing in Elysian Park on Instagram? Thanks to the popular photo sharing app the swing is a secret no more. While there is a chance that when you go you’ll be the only group there be prepared to have to wait for other groups to take their photos. When my boyfriend and I came here last weekend there were four other groups taking photos.

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secret swing in elysian park

After seeing so many cute photos here I knew I had to come. I put the secret swing in Elysian Park into google maps and was taken very close to the swing. From what I read in another blog post I was directed to go to Park Drive and Angel Point Road and park to the left. This led to up a steeper and more dangerous side of the hill. I saw once I got up to the top that I could have turned left and had an easier time.
swing elysian park

If you take a close look at this photo you can see cars parked off to the left side. That is the suggest parking location for this spot. Ignore all the photos on Instagram of girls in dress and heels. You’ll need tennis shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

hidden swing in elysian park

I spontaneously came here and therefore was not dressed properly. I would not have planned to climb up a dirt hill in my Kate Spade glitter shoes. For the best photos I would recommend coming as close to sunset as possible. It takes less than ten minutes to get up to the swing so you don’t need to allow for too much time.

hidden swing in la

I love that you can see the Hollywood Sign in the far distance. And of course, that you can also see the LA skyline line from here. Even though I have done some adventurous things like go sky diving the swing made me nervous because it is on a hill right over the 5 freeway.

vista hermosa park

If you’re looking for other parks to check out in LA I highly recommend Vista Hermosa Park.