The Magic Castle is one of the most exclusive places to visit in Los Angeles. It is a private clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. Inside this special place, there is magic taking place all around you. Visiting the Magic Castle is an incredible privilege and we have some tips for you to help make this experience a reality.

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How to Visit the Magic Castle


how to visit the magic castle

Be invited by a member

Stay at the Magic Castle Hotel ($250+ per night). The hotel is a separate building from the castle itself but it is located next door. You can view the rates here.

Attend the AMA Magic Castle Awards – you will receive an invitation for two for the Magic Castle with your ticket purchase. Tickets start at $105 per person. For 2024 the show taking place in May is sold out. 

How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Magic Castle

I do want to be transparent that while this is a very cool experience it does not come cheap. In addition to paying an entrance fee per person, each guest is required to order one entree from the restaurant. 

Valet parking is $30

Evening Entertainment Fees

Monday – Wednesday $40 per person

Thursday – Sunday $45 per person

Brunch Entertainment Fees

Adults (14 years & older) $25 per adult

Children (5-13) $20 per child

Children under 5 are free

*No one under 21 will be admitted to except for Saturday & Sunday Brunch

Brunch Buffet Fees

Adults $75

Children $30

Entrees for Dinner start at $45

What to Know About Visiting The Magic Castle

They do have a strict dress code. It is extensive and it is best to look at the dress code directly on the castle’s website which you can do here

Photos are not allowed beyond the lobby.

After one show ends, get in line for the next as the lines start quickly and seats can be limited.

With a dinner reservation, you will receive tickets to The Palace of Mystery which is the only magic show that requires a ticket. 

I feel so blessed that I was able to visit for Halloween several years ago but I would love to go again as it is difficult to experience everything in one visit.

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