Are you looking for fun things to do for your birthday in Los Angeles? Lucky for you there are so many great things to choose from. Whether you want to have a big get-together with your friends or something with close friends and family there are venues for everyone.

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This post could truly go on and on forever because of how many different things you could do for your birthday. So in order to keep this post from taking you an hour to read I will do my best to only share my top recommendations. First things first though. One of the best parts of your birthday is all of the freebies that restaurants give you.

the best birthday freebies in los angeles

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What to Do For Your Birthday in LA

The Disneyland Resort

best snacks at disneyland

Perhaps the most popular place to spend your birthday in the LA area is at The Disneyland Resort. If you want to get technical I know that Disneyland is in Orange County and not LA. But it still makes the list because we all love Disney magic! Both children and adults get so much joy from spending their special days here. Be sure to ask for a birthday button so that everyone knows it is your birthday. My birthday is only a few days before Christmas so the parks are always decorated so beautifully!

lamplight lounge drinks

If you are looking for nice places to eat at The Disneyland Resort for your birthday I have a few recommendations. My favorites are the Blue Bayou, Carthay Circle, and the Lamplight Lounge. Character breakfasts are a really fun option too. If you are someone who goes to the parks a lot you might want to try something new. I highly recommend taking a guided tour like a Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps. This tour gives you access to Walt Disney’s private apartment.

This past year I stayed at the Howard Johnson right across from Disneyland for my birthday which was great! When I look back on some of my favorite birthdays the two I’ve spent at Disney always come to mind. I highly recommend this as one of the top fun things to do for your birthday in Los Angeles.

The Escape Game

the escape game LA

If you love a challenge, this one is for you. At The Escape Game LA, you and your group will experience a highly immersive, multi-room set where you will crack codes, uncover clues, and solve puzzles in order to escape before time runs out. They have several themes to choose from, including exploring an underwater research lab, stealing back a priceless painting, or even breaking out of prison, which makes this a great activity for everyone.

Mystery Picnic in Los Angeles Experience

picnics in los angeles

Are you looking for a unique experience that involves food and fun? AmazingCo offers a mystery picnic experience in Los Angeles & Orange County. Picnic experiences have been popping up all over Instagram but this one is different. Unlike the companies that set up tables and decor for you to have an Instaworthy picnic, this is an experience and adventure that ultimately leads to a picnic. The AmazingCo mystery picnics are all about the journey.

You can visit their site here.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Even though theme parks are known to be pricey there are ways to save. Learn how to save money at Universal Studios Hollywood.
If you don’t feel like driving down to Disneyland you can always spend your day at Universal Studios Hollywood. I really enjoy this park and can never get enough of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles

crafted port la

Crafted is a building that is filled with various vendors who offer classes on how to make handmade products. I took the Banter and Bliss candle making class which was really enjoyable. You can learn how to marble on silk and more!

Crumbs and Whiskers

crumbs and whiskers

Are you interested in getting to cuddle and play with cats? Be sure to check out Crumbs and Whiskers. This cat cafe is filled with precious animals waiting to be loved. If you really like one of the cats you can always adopt them.

JW Marriott Desert Springs

where to stay in palm desert

If you are looking for a short getaway I highly recommend heading out to the JW Marriott Desert Springs. This hotel will truly make you feel relaxed and spoiled.

Take A Movie Studio Tour

central perk friends location

Touring a movie studio is a fun thing to do. Especially, if you are a big fan of something that was filmed at the studio. Big fans of Ellen and Friends will want to take the Warner Bros Studio Tour. The Paramount Studio Tour is a good one as well. Sony is my least favorite but some people really like it. Be sure to do your research to figure out which tour is best for you.

Pins Bowling Alley

This spot is popular for celebrities to go bowling. A co-worker of mine had her birthday party here and saw Nick Jonas.

Watch an Outdoor Movie

One of my friends has a tradition of celebrating her birthday at Streetfood Cinema every summer. Cinespia would be another fun option to get a group of friends together to celebrate!

Dodgers Game

best food at dodger stadium

A Dodgers game is another great option for a big group outing.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Southern California Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you want a truly unforgettable experience I recommend taking a hot air balloon ride. It is one of the best things that I have ever done. You can read about my experience here.

Go to Catalina

what to do on Catalina Island

Another fun and quick getaway is to go to Catalina Island. You can take the ferry and get there in just a few hours. The island is a great place for relaxing.

Watch a Show at the Pantages Theatre

I love getting to go to the Pantages to celebrate! They get wonderful shows and going to the theatre always makes me feel special. You can find the upcoming shows here.

Where to Eat On Your Birthday In Los Angeles

Aroma Coffee and Tea

aroma in studio city

I celebrated a friend’s birthday at Aroma this year and it was a wonderful location. Everyone is able to order on their own so you don’t have to deal with splitting checks. Outside they have a big variety of seating choices including one big spot for groups. The food is always delicious and the birthday cake is one of the best desserts that I have ever had.

Aroma is one of the best places to go for dinner with a group so keep this place in mind as one of the group fun things to do for your birthday in Los Angeles.

Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel

dessert at the polo lounge

The Polo Lounge continues to be one of the classiest restaurants in the area. It has a strong history of having celebrities like Marilyn Monroe come here. When my Mom and I had lunch here I saw on Instagram that Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling came the very next day. The food is incredible and you truly feel like a star.


Yamashiro Hollywood restaurant

Sitting on a hill overlooking Hollywood Yamashiro is a beautiful spot with incredible views. My biggest recommendation is that you request a table at 5 pm when they open. That way you can almost guarantee that you’ll be able to get a table with a wonderful view of the city. The food here is incredible as well.

Restaurant 917

porsche experience center in carson

My family brought my Dad here for a surprise birthday lunch and he loved it! This restaurant is the perfect place for car lovers. Restaurant 917 has a small but tasty menu. The Porsche butter is beyond adorable. From your table, you can watch the drivers go through the outdoor course. And if you’re game, you can do the driving.


smokehouse restaurant burbank ca

I used to work across the street from the Smoke House Restaurant at the Warner Bros Studio. This became a popular place for my co-workers to celebrate their birthdays. I highly recommend coming for brunch on Saturday and Sunday.



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