In episode 7 of the LA Dreaming Podcast, I spoke with Caroline from about where to see Christmas Lights in Los Angeles. We both have a passion for the holiday season and are so excited to share with you some of our favorite spots to have an extra magical experience. Los Angeles is a town that truly goes all out for the holiday season which makes it difficult to fit it all in during one season. I hope this episode & guide will help you find a new way to explore LA this year.

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where to see christmas lights in los angeles

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If you were to ask an Angeleno where is the best place to see Christmas lights in Los Angeles I think every person would tell you a different place. That is due to how blessed we are to have so many great places to see Christmas lights in LA. We have malls that decorate and have snow falling at night, we have neighborhoods that go overboard in the best way, and have so many incredible hotels that make the holiday season really come to life. There are so many ways to get to celebrate the holidays in LA and I hope this post gives you plenty of ideas.

The Grove

tree lighting at the grove

The Grove at Christmas time is a favorite for so many because it can give you a Disneyland-type experience for free, minus what you pay for parking. They have nightly snowfall which really adds to the magic of a visit here.

Rodeo Drive

rodeo drive christmas

Seeing Rodeo Drive at night during Christmas time is still on my holiday bucket list. I have been during the day and really enjoyed it. They always have a fun photo op and people rave about how it looks at night.

The Bloc

sparkle dtla

Sparkle DTLA at The Bloc is happening through January 3rd. 18 million hues of lights are synchronized to festive tunes which is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

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Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn

mission inn festival of lights

The fireworks in this photo are from when I went to the opening night of the Festival of Lights back in 2019. There was no kick-off party this year but seeing these lights display in person is completely worth the drive to Riverside.

Christmas Tree Lane


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Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena is one of the most popular places to see Christmas lights in Los Angeles. I have to admit, while I did enjoy seeing it in person it didn’t wow me as much as some of the other neighborhood displays. I do think it is worth visiting at least once though. What makes this one stand out the most to me is that these beautiful trees that line the street are all lit up the same. The homeowners who decorate their houses put their own spin on things but from a distance, the street has a beautifully uniform appearance. This particular neighborhood isn’t expected to be fully decorated until 12/11.

600 Mariposa Street
Altadena, CA

Upper Hastings Ranch

best christmas lights in los angeles neighborhoods

This neighborhood was recommended to me by another blogger. It wasn’t a disappointment but at the same time wasn’t quite as fabulous as I was expecting. However, when I came to check it out it was closer to New Year so maybe people had started taking stuff down. Either way, one house, in particular, is more than worth the drive to get here so all the other cool decorated houses are just the icing on the cake.

1215 Tropical Ave. Pasadena, CA

Holiday Fantasies Come to Life

holiday fantasies come to life burbank

This house really stands out in its neighborhood. There is always a crowd at night to stare in wonder at the amazing spectacle. When my husband and I went last year we got to meet the owner and also got a picture with Santa Mickey. You can really tell how much they enjoy putting this together and seeing everyone get so excited about it. For 202o they had a Disney castle facade and so many characters for you to see. They decorate for Halloween too.

Sleepy Hollow

where is the best place to see christmas lights in los angeles

This is one of the most popular and exciting neighborhoods to go see Christmas lights at. But, the important thing to know is that you should go early, and be prepared to walk. It can take over 2 hours in your car to get inside the neighborhood. This area can be known as both Candy Cane Lane as well as Sleepy Hollow. Park near Calle Mayor or Prospect, and walk to Roberts Road, just west of Calle Mayor. 

Candy Cane Lane in El Segundo

candy cane lane el segundo

This neighborhood took 2020 off so this is another one that I still look forward to seeing in person. The 1200 block of East Acacia Ave looks really spectacular.

Opening Night, Saturday, December 11th   7:00 p.m. – Santa Claus will make his appearance, light up houses and displays and then head back up to the North Pole!

Nightly –  Saturday, December 11th  December 24th – Festive houses, displays, and holiday music bring the season’s cheer to this magical corner of El Segundo!

Elf on a Shelf Magical Journey

The Elf on the Shelf Magical Journey is a walk-through this year and from what I have seen online it looks like one of the better drive-through events.

Venice Canals

Now that I have explored the beauty of Christmas lights at the Naples Canals in Long Beach I am ready to see the lights at the canals in Venice. This would be great to do on a night where you can also see the lights in downtown Santa Monica.

Naples Canals

where to view christmas lights in los angeles

The Naples Canals in Long Beach are a spectacular place to see Christmas lights. In this area, you can see stunning homes year-round but the holiday season is where this spot is truly brought to life. One thing that makes this spot extra cool is that in addition to walking around to see the lights you can also see them from the water via a rental boat or a gondola ride.

Santa Monica


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The Griswold House in La Mirada

the griswold house

There is a house in La Mirada that has recreated the Griswold house from Christmas Vacation. This is so much fun to see in person. 15912 Golva Drive in La Mirada

Disney fans will love this house at 3343 Chatwin in Long Beach. The details are amazing. My husband and I got so excited finding more and more characters as we looked around.

LA Live Rink

outdoor ice skating los angeles

The LA Kings Holiday Rink is returning to LA Live on 11/27. I am really looking forward to the ice skating rink that will pop up at Dodger Stadium.

Blitzens & Tinseltown

Tinseltown and Blitzen’s by Here and Now are two pop-up holiday bar experiences that look like they will be spectacular to see. Santa Baby that I mentioned in the episode is sadly not returning this year but if you happen to be going to Chicago you can check it out there.

oc holiday lights in tustin

For the OC locations that I mention please visit my post on Where to see Christmas Lights in Orange County.

123 Farm in Cherry Valley

christmas nights 123 farm

This was the best surprise. I had not heard of this spot until a few days before Thanksgiving. I was out by Cherry Valley to see my in-laws so my husband and I came to check out the Christmas Nights event which was incredible. The entire time we were walking around I kept saying this is so Christmassy. It was a winter wonderland just minus the snow.

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