The Paramount Drive In Theatre is still going strong! They did have to close down for a while due to “lockdown” but are now able to be open once more. I attended a special event that was hosted by Amazon at the theatre and was really pleased with my experience. If you would like to read more about the Night at the Drive In you can check out this post here. For this post, I would like to focus on talking about the Paramount Drive In.

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The Paramount Drive In

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I have been wanting to visit the Paramount Drive-In Theatre since this is one of the few activities we can still do right now. I would have been fine paying $10 a person to come to see a movie here. However, I was thrilled when I was able to get two free tickets thanks to Amazon’s a Night at the Drive-In Event.

Ticket prices are $10 for anyone over the age of 8, 5-8 the price is $3.50, and for 3 & younger there is no admission fee. Online tickets are not available. Please note that for now, they are operating at 50% capacity so you will want to arrive early to make sure that you can enter. The night that I went the gates opened at 7 pm. I am not sure if they have attendants who help make sure you are parked at least six feet from another car or if that was only for the special event. The restrooms and concession stands are open but you will need to wear a mask.

paramount drive in

I love the sign for the drive-in! Did you know that the Paramount Drive-In was used in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? It was transformed to be the Van Nuys drive-in where Brad Pitt lives in the movie. If you don’t know where this drive-in is located, it is in the city of Paramount.

paramount drive in theater

This particular drive-in is closer than the Mission Tiki in Montclair. I am so sad to say that the Mission Tiki Drive-In has now closed. You will need to use your car radio or portable radio to hear the movie. They do not have an app that you can use to stream the audio. If you have a truck you can sit in the bed of the truck but beyond that, you do need to stay in your car during the movie.

baby bro's pizza

I love bringing food to the drive-in with me. There is an amazing pizza place not too far away and I highly recommend Baby Bro’s Pizza! The pepperoni is fabulous. I put glass bottled Coke in my cooler and really had the perfect date night. It did cool down a lot so I was thankful to have a jacket and a blanket with me.

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downey mcdonald's
If you are looking for something to do before your visit you can stop by the oldest existing McDonald’s in Downey which is also not too far away.

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