One of the best events for the Holiday season in Los Angeles is The Grove Christmas Tree Lighting. Here’s a fun fact about the tree at The Grove, it is taller than the tree at Rockefeller Center in New York. Why is this event so great? First of all, it0 is free which as we all know can be a hard thing to find the Los Angeles area. In recent years this event has featured appearances from recognizable faces like Andy Grammer, Seth MacFarlane, and Meghan Trainor. Plus, the event ends with snowfall and fireworks. It’s almost like Disney magic without the big price tag.

tree lighting at the grove

Interested in other places where you can see Christmas lights in LA. I have a blog post guide as well as a podcast episode on the topic.

You can listen to the podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, or Podbean. You might also enjoy our episode about the best things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles.

There is never consistency with how early they will let you line up for the event. I recommend arriving at least three hours before it begins. This is one event that is worth waiting for a long time because a great view will change your experience. If you plan to park at The Grove be warned that it can get pricey. For 2022, they have announced a $50 flat rate parking for cars entering after 4 pm.  Typically you can find street parking in the neighborhood by Martel and the Coffee Bean or I would encourage you to take a ride share.

If you are planning to visit The Grove this holiday season be sure to stop by the Netflix pop-up store to see their holiday-themed photo ops. It is free to visit the pop-up.

the grove christmas tree lighting

If you are looking for a fun Christmas event with celebrities this is a great option. How can you have the best possible experience at the tree lighting? If you have a Citi credit card you can get a complimentary VIP dinner and watch the show on the Blue Ribbon patio. This experience even includes free parking! It does fill up very quickly but it was open to anyone with a Citi card. Sign-ups for this year’s event opened up this morning.

This last Sunday I attended one of the Bloggers Who Brunch events at the Grove and I was surprised to see that the beautiful tree has already been put in place. If you cannot make it for the tree lighting I want to encourage you to visit the Grove at least once to see the beautiful decorations.

You can find more information on The Grove here and on Citi Private Pass events here.

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