There are so many film festivals in Los Angeles that making a complete list would be exhausting. Instead, I have created a list of the Best Film Festivals in Los Angeles that I have experienced myself. I will share which festivals have free or discounted tickets. And, which festivals give fans the opportunity to interact with the stars.

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AFI Fest Indie Contender Roundtable

AFI Fest takes place every November and is one of my favorite festivals for two reasons. The first is that they give out a lot of free tickets. The second reason is the amount of a list stars that participate in this festival. My first time attending the festival I went to the Indie Contenders Roundtable and met Sally Field as she was leaving. In 2018 I went to the screening of Greenbook which as we now know went on to win the Best Picture Oscar. The lineup of movies for this festival is always incredible. You can read more about getting free tickets here.


oscar winner martin landau

The Turner Classic Movies Festival is a highlight of my year. Every April the festival takes place from Thursday through Sunday. For two years I got to attend an opening night celebration hosted by Citi Private Pass. This event provided me with a free ticket and the chance to meet talented Oscar winners. My first year included an intimate conversation and meet & greet with Martin Landau.

The second year featured Louis Gossett Jr. One of the best parts about this festival is that they sell standby tickets for select events for $20. So, even if you cannot afford the tickets that cost hundreds of dollars this is a great way to still be part of it.

LA Film Festival

annabelle creation movie cast

I have attended two different events at the LA Film Festival. One year I attended a screening and cast q&a for The People Vs. O.J. Simpson at LACMA. The screening showcased one episode which was exciting for me because I had not seen it yet. In 2017, I attended the premiere of Annabelle Creation at the Ace Hotel which also included a cast q&a. The events with the q&a’s are always special for me.

Los Angeles International Shorts

los angeles international shorts film festival

In 2017, I attended the Los Angeles International Shorts Festival. The best part about this experience was that I got to meet John Stamos! He had directed one of the short films and came for a q&a. Robin Wright from The Princess Bride was also in attendance. My ticket even included an after-party ticket.


ben affleck autfest

What makes AUTFest so unique is that this festival is focusing on films that portray what being on the spectrum is like. I attended the very first year when the event was being held at the AMC in Orange. At the festival, I was able to meet Ed Asner and listen to Ben Affleck talk about his role in The Accountant.

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